[APP][Pro] Power by the Hour: Insights per hour, day, month and year

Wouldn’t the perfect trigger be WHEN «The price has changed»?

That’s actually how I do it today, using Tibber’s flow cards:
When price changes
And current price is one of today’s x lowest
Then turn on
Else turn off

But since Tibber doesn’t have as advanced flow cards as you (the one previously mentioned), I would like to use your flow cards instead. That requires that I can use them as ANd conditions though.

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You convinced me :kissing_heart:

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version 4.4.4 is released as test: Power by the Hour | Homey

  • Added translations for German, Swedish and Italian

@Alessandro_Rossi @fantross @Teddy Many thanks for your hard work!! :partying_face:

French (@sebyldino), Danish (@Yestond) and Norwegian (@Kai_Engvik) are also on their way.


Sorry to bother again… I struggle to find out why the hourly meter went backwards the first hour of the new day. The first hour should equal the value of the day. Appears as the meter is stuck on a value read before midnight. The hint says the value is updated once an hour. This probably is the reason, but what is the reason for this design??

Yes it should. Can you send an app diagnostics report? And can you download and send me all the indights data from past 24 hrs of tibber pulse and its pbth device?

Edit: oh, and you can confirm you did not update any device settings manually or via flow?

New test version 4.4.5 is ready

  • Updated translations for German and Swedish.
  • Added AND cards.
  • Added weekend markup for DAP.

@Gullars can you check the new AND cards? And can you also check the Weekend tarriff setting I added to spot prices?

Translators: @Alessandro_Rossi @fantross @Teddy @sebyldino @Yestond @Kai_Engvik
Please check the following files for additional language translations:

conditions: price_lowest, price_lowest_today, price_lowest_before, price_lowest_avg, price_highest, price_highest_avg

driver: dap/driver.compose.json

  1. Weekend tariff seems to work fine! At least exactly now. Will se through tomorrow if it behaves as it should.

  2. Created a flow with one of the AND conditions, and managed to make it as I wanted (Shared Flow | Homey). Will see tomorrow if it turns on and off when it is supposed to.

Great work!

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Will check those files in a moment :wink:

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Pull request sent your way Robin for the above.

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[quote=“Gruijter, post:688, topic:20535, full:true”]

Mmmm… I did hook up the tibber power device one or two nights ago. Then before midnight I blanked the monetary values. But that should not impact the power meter.

Well, see if it happens again. If so let me know.

Ok, I got the insights backed up as you asked for in case. Did you get the no translation files by the way?

No I did not get a PR for that. Follow the manual to create the PR.


Yep, just got it. Super! Will look at it tomorrow.

Version 4.4.6 is ready for testing

  • Added translation for Norwegian
  • Updated Swedish translation
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The flow worked perfectly! Turned on the pool for the desired hours and then off :slight_smile:
Great app! Thanks for your effort!

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A hopefully small request: Could you possibly add «Average price next 8 hrs less than…» as an AND card? Wish to run it WHEN time is 0855 every day to find the average price between 0900 and 1700. Based on this I will set the number of hours I wish to heat my pool that day…

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Ah, this one you can do with standard logic cards :wink:

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