[App][Pro] PaperTrails Log - Advanced Logging and Log management (v0.6.3)

Hi Geurt,

I use Papertrails since I started with Homey and it was many, many times very useful to find out what was going wrong with my flows :upside_down_face:
Like you say, Arie has upgraded SimpleLog big time and, the main thing I liked about Papertrails, is just recently possible with SimpleLog: to be able to auto add/remove logcards to some/all of my flows.

I want to thank you big time m8!


Very true. I must thank you again (as I did in the PM); Papertrails has helped me a lot in troubleshooting. But in understanding how Homey flows work as well… such an app it so very useful when you are trying to find your way in such a new device/environment…

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Thank you for your effort, Geurt. Papertrails has been an invaluable addition to my setup. I especially loved the syslog-server functionality.
I already noticed that this is not available in Simple Log, so let’s see how we can work around that.

What are you missing?
I didn’t know the PaperTrails Log (yeah by name ofc, but i didn’t use it) and never intended to replace it.
I just gave answer to a few feature requests about Syslog interfacing.

Now, i don’t know what’s missing, but, perhaps i can add it to help migration?

Could the Papertrails host a Syslog-server?

If so, that is planned for Simple Log ( [APP][Pro] Simple (Sys) LOG - Use this app for Simple (Sys) Logging - Apps - Homey Community Forum), if not, please explain (perhaps on the Simple Log topic) what you mean?

I think I did not use the proper wording to make myself clear.
What I meant is that I use Papertrails to send each log-entry to my Raspberry Pi syslog server. I just read that this should be possible with your app as well, by adding a device.
I will experiment this weekend, but it seems your app does everything I am looking for!

EDIT: Did a quick test and it is already working. Great stuff!

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