[App][Pro] OpenWeather

Thanks Ronny.
The time is correct, and readable again, but still an undefined, but now at the end.

Ok, next try: test version 1.1.10.
The time should be hopefully ok now.

Is the format DD-MM-YYYY what you expect for your location (- instead of / or .)?

Again, thanks for testing!

YW and thank you
It’s OK now

Yes that’s the usual format in NL


Is it because I haven’t updated yet?
date is still wrong. dd-mm-yyyy is what i want
but it is now mm-dd-yyyy.

The lastest test version is 1.1.10

I thinks it will be approved by Athom tomorrow.

The date is formatted by Homey core (NodeJS) based on Homey language.

Edit: The localized date will appear with the OWM app version 1.1.10 AND Homey Firmware from 7.4.0


Thanks to the multiple updates in this forum… That inspired me to create this API request to define “Neerslag” precipitation

It is a 5 step tutorial and can be found here

Thanks @RobvandeGoor I stole some parts of your flows…

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The testversion 1.1.12 includes a fix for the timezone adaption on FW 7.4.x for teh AirQuality devices.

It would be nice if someone (perhaps @CorvanderNiet ) could test and give a short feedback if the date is correct now - for setting this version live. Thanks.


Yeah, that did the trick. Thank you Ronny

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Thanks for your test. Version 1.1.12 is live now.


I now have that update. Homey 7.4.1 And the time is right thanks

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We have reached 5000 installs :partying_face: :beers:


New test version: 1.1.13 including:

  • Device option to deactivate the automatic polling.
    You can deactivate the automatic interval polling in device settings for the “location” devices (weather and air quality).
  • Flow action for one time refresh of “location” devices.
    With this flow action you can update the device date with a flow. This way you can choose the time for update like once a day a a defined time.

@Dennis_H74 Perhaps this could solve your problem with the changig data in forecast devices. I know, the data at morning is not closest some times. But this way you could add a second location (current weather) and a assigned forecast device. Deactivate the polling in device settings. Add a flow started a a wished time and use the flow action of the current weather device to update the data.
Caution: The processing of flow actions is asynchronous. So you can’t read the updated value in this flow. You need second flow with the “data has changed” trigger.


New test version 1.1.14:

  • adjusted timezone handling for sunrise/sunset to be compatible with FW 7.4. It would be nice if someone with FW 7.4. could test if the time is displayed? Thanks.
  • some small bugfixes
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Tomorrow my Homey should be returning home from its short break in the East, then I’m happy to test.

I checked the sunrise/sunset times in 1.1.14. Both are displayed correctly


I have FW 7.4
You mean this?

Tested with 1.1.12 and 1.1.14, same behaviour

These are the correct times for NL, or is that what you meant?

Ronny asked if someone could test if the times are still displayed with FW7.4 and 1.1.14, so that’s what I did :grin:

Ah, I assumed they could be in the wrong timezone in v1.1.12 (I know, never assume :sweat_smile: )

Thanks @all for your test. If a time is shown ist good. If it’s the correct time for your timezone, it’s best :smile:
So it seems all is ok and I’m waiting for Athom to rewiew the version tomorrow.