[APP][Pro] Misol and Ecowitt (Release 0.1.39, Test 0.1.40 )

@Adrian_Rockall Can you help me wit a small problem.
I have some difference at the timeline and the time on the GW1100
Do you know what the problem is?

Timeline Homey
Annotation 2024-05-19 193617

This is the card in the Homey app.
Annotation 2024-05-19 193717

Time in the original Misol webpage.
Annotation 2024-05-19 193801

Time in the original Misol webpage.

Time on the Homey developer page.
Annotation 2024-05-19 193951

I have a problem. My Homey is on a different IP address, and therefor I can’t see my Ecowitt gateway and soil sensor. I looked in the Ecowitt app, but I can’t find where I can change the ip address of the homey to get it to work again. Help…


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I can understand the hourly difference that could be caused by the time zone, but I can’t figure out the minutes difference. I presume they are difference strikes?
I will investigate the time zone but could you confirm which time is correct?

@Adrian_Rockall The time with 19:34 was the correct time.
The time from the lightning icon on Homey was an hour to late.

The times on Homey were also the correct times. (the dateHuman time is correct, summer time).

About 20 minutes ago the was another flash in 20 km. Time on the timeline on Homey is 20:53.
The time of the icon on the device page is 19:53. So one hour to late.

Hope you know now what i am trying to say.

Great work on the app!

Just to check if the WS90 with the screen/gateway HP2560, as found
in link below:

and 3 Wh51 moisture sensors will work with your app and the homey pro?

Thanks for your great work!

It looks like it should work as the specs show all the expected phrases :crossed_fingers:
The moisture sensors should be good as well.


Thanks for your reply!

I can confirm that Wh51 is working flawlessly :slight_smile:

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Hi Adrian, thanks for the quick response in the other topic.
Can you tell me how I do this settings in the Ecowitt App? I can’t find it here. In settings I just can adjust settings like km/h or m/s and so on.
I have the GW2000 so it’s not compatible with the ws app. At least it was not possible for me to add. Is the GW2000 and the WS90 compatible with the Ecowitt Homey app?

Looking at the manual online, I see this:

So enable the customised section and set it as shown in the first post.

Found it!
Thank you very much. It’s working!

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Hi @Adrian_Rockall, when I connect the Ecowitt WS90 to the WS1100, will the figures show up in Homey? Or is this device not yet supported?

You will need to add the weather station device to Homey.

Is it possible to connect multiple gateways to the Homey app and add even more sensors then eight? Does it work to add two gateways? so you can connect up to 16 sensors?

Yes, that’s possible. I have 3 gateways in my home.

Oh! Thats awsome =)