[APP][Pro] Misol and Ecowitt (Release 0.1.39, Test 0.1.40 )

The Solar Radiation becomes greater / less than is already there:

The solar radiation capability is one of Homeys built in ones, so it gets their standard cards.

Thanks Adrian.
I found these cards, but I try to build some consistancy in my flow.
So now I have: IF Windgust is changed AND Wind Gust is smaller than 16 is true THEN …
And: IF Wind Speed is changed AND windspeed is smaller than 11 is true THEN …
And: IF event rainfall is changed AND rainfall per hour is maller then 0,1 mm THEN …
And what I would lik , in a similar way-:
IF sunradiaton is changed AND Sunradiation is less then 100 is true THEN …
BUT I guess that I could get the same results by using the cards you pionted out. So if you would have planned to add some thing to the app it would have been nice to know. Extra card is not neccessary.
Maybe I can use the if-card ‘Luminance is changed’ or ‘Ultraviolet value is changed’
I will puzzle on…

@ Adrian_Rockall

I suggest you change “inch” to “inches” AND display Rain Event, Rain Hourly, Rain daily, and Rain weekly with a tenth digit for better accuracy.

I would also capitalize daily, weekly, and monthly to match the capitalization in the other fields.

Thanks so much for your work on this and the app in general!

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Dear developer,

I work with the Alecto wetherstation WS-5500. In the WSview app I see also the inside themperatur. Is it possible to use this also in the flows?

If you have added the gateway to Homey you will see the temperature in there. You can then use that in Flows.

Thanks fot the reply, so I understand it’s not possible without adding a extra component.

@Edwin_Sabel If i am correct you can add the WS-5500 directly to Homey and use the build in temperature off the WS-5500.
Search in this topic for 5500

You can add the WS-5500 directly to Homey, but the inside temperature is not available.

Ah, ok. With my GW1100C it is available.

Could you send the Detected log from the app settings page. I will look to see what it is reported as.

How can I find the Detected log from the app settings page?

Open the Apps, select the Misol app and tap on the gear in the top right corner. Then select App settings and then tap on the Detected tab. Finally tap on Send Log

The data from my soil sensor is not updating in Homey 2023 (over 16hours) but it updates in de ecowitt (iOS) app. Annyone?

Anyone what?

@Jelle_Romijn Is it only the soil sensor or is there more that is not updating?
Maybe ip adres changed from the Misol device? Or ip adres in Homey incorrect.

its only the soil sensor, updates in de ecowitt as normal but no updates in the Homey, all other info is correct

Could you send the Detected log as shown above.

When I send log I’ve get sending not possible

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Op 12 mei 2024, om 00:32, Adrian Rockall via Homey Community Forum <notifications@athom.discoursemail.com> schreef:

Could you try again as I had a short interruption in my network.
If it still fails then try sending it in a PM.

Apparently the Homey app only changes the last seen data if the value changes.
So the soil sensor is working and Ecowitt is sending its data to homey. But if nothing changes the last “seen time” doesn’t change. Had al lot of rain last night, that gave it away.

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