[APP][Pro] Misol and Ecowitt (Release 0.1.39, Test 0.1.40 )

Yes I could do that if you tell me what that custom text it is. However my main concern with my above message is that there is the same name for two different properties. Vindstyrka is used for both Wind speed and Wind gust. So in a flow it is difficult to know which property to pick.

Hmm, I have just noticed it’s the same for me. I will check it as soon as I can.

Can you add an option for rainfall in inches instead of mm?

Are you in the USA?
It should automatically change to inches in the USA.

I am in the USA and it did not automatically change.

I will investigate, as from memory it’s a built in capability, but my memory is not so good these days.

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I have checked and apart from rain rate, the rain values are using built in capabilities and I just change the titles. So as AFAIK, Homey should automatically convert them. Could you confirm if you are just talking about the rate or all rain values?

Homey is not converting rainfall units.

I will report it to Athom to see what they say as I think that is possibly a bug in the firmware.

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Hello all, and great THANKS to Adrian for this app for watching soil moisture by Homey!!! Very good job.

Could I question about new functionality with new parameter AD on Soil moisture of Ecowitt? Protocol contains this parameter, so it is possible view this AD parameter in detail soil and in some rulers If, or And? May be?
Very much for your help with grow of plants etc.

Can you send the log from the app settings page.

Athom have got back to me and they only convert temperature units so I will add the option in the app.

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I have published a new test version with an option in the app settings to select inches for rain measurements.

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Is this combination of weather station and gateway supported by the Homey app ?



I can’t say 100%, but it should be fine.

Thanks, might buy one and try it out then.

The separate display to show all values, is that an add-on that I can add at a later time or something you have instead of the gateway?

I have inches with the numbers in the app matching the numbers from Ecowitt.

I’m not sure which display you are looking at, but the one I have is the gateway, although that’s under the Ambient brand. It still works with my Misol & Ecowitt.

Ok, I only saw there were some packages with a weather station + a display. So then I assume the display is the gateway in those cases.

Do you have a link to the display you use?

Edit: so is there any drawback using this display vs a dedicated gateway only?

Hi Adrian, I am missing a when-card “sun radiation (zonnestraling) is changed” I am trying to automate my sunscreens (compare this with when-card “wind speed (windsnelheid) has changed”. Do I miss something? Or would it be possible to add this card?
And I would like to use a if-card “sunradiation is higher then” Same for Wind gust (Windstootkracht).
But those 2 can be solved with logic, a logic when-card?
EDIT: I use your app with the Ecowiit Wittboy. Works fine.