[APP][Pro] Device Capabilities - Enhance the capabilities of devices

That’s the default yeah, it’s okay to leave it empty.
I just removed the Create Flowcard for the default, because i forgot that i buildin the function for that specificly: It does work with a sensor, turning it into a measure_sensor and thus: allowing you to pick it as a status indicator.

I just need to add better description, also to not forget all the options i allready build in :rofl: :thinking:

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Wow, indeed, works now for both - available & un-available ! Thank you @Arie_J_Godschalk

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Hello Arie,

Short feedback:
My problem from Sunday was back.
All AVDs are not available.
This is apparently since 04:08 tonight when Homey was updated to version 8.1.4.

I have now installed your test version 2.13.7 and now everything works again
Problem fixed.

You are a prophet and fix problems before they occur. :pray: :+1:

I had to restart Homey again and unfortunately the AVDs do not work again.

I have reset to v2.11.11, unfortunately does not help.
And on the test version v2.13.7 now unfortunately also does not help.

Am I the only one who has problems with unavailable AVDS?

Send me a diagnostic please?



Okay, it seems some devices you use in reflection do not exist anymore.
I have some more errorhandling so they don’t all crash and burn :wink:

Install the new testversion:

I do not use any reflection
which devices are these?

With the new version it works again

many thanks

Not sure, but during loading of 3 AVD’s there are homeyAPI errors that the device cannot be found.

when opening a virtual device, you can have multiple yes/no sensors displayed one on page.
how do you get multiple buttons on one page, so you don’t have to select the button from the drop down first.


Make it a button on the buttontab.

I want to create a Advanced Virtual Device for when someone is coming over to sleep. Then some flows for turning off the lights should work differently. The device has a number field which can either be 0, 1 or 2. This works without problems. But after that I get stuck. Now I want to create a button, so you can manually increase the value. At 0 the device should be off, when you click on it, it should increase to 1 and turn on. If you click on it again it should increase to 2. When you click on it again it should go back to 0 and turn itself off again. Is this all possible in Device Capabilities or should I use flows to create this?

Via flows and logic variablen it should be easy to realize.
This is just an example how to use the logic variable:

Maybe it’s also possible with Better Logic Library and without flows, but I am not familiar with that.

Is it possible to reorder the values in a AVD? Sometimes after an edit, the order of my 4 values change (num 1, num 2, num 3 and num 4 are shuffled)

@Arie_J_Godschalk , for Device unavailable/available, do you think it would be possible to add something like “duration” ? Eg. unavailable for last x seconds etc ? It would help to filter random/intermittent dropouts.
And also I’m not sure if it would be possible also to add something like “active only once” - eg. in case of multiple devices.

No, not yet.
Al you could do to fix it currently:
Change all 4 icons or ShowAs and press save, then change it back and press save again.

You can make a feature request tho :wink:


Not sure what you want?
Do you mean when you put a device on unavailable yourself or when it happens automaticly?

Also here, no idea what you mean?
Sorry :wink:

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Thanks Arie. Nope, just when it happens automatically, I’m using this DC functionality as kind of monitoring - eg. Yeeelights Wifi lights got randomly disconnected, eg. 1x per month - thanks to this I know that I need to reconnect power and all is fine (just to illustrate use case). However when I disconnect router, I got this for ALL Wifi lights from Yeelight, so it trigger condition multiple times, therefore eg. trigger also action multiple times which, in case you have it connected eg. with Chromecast app restart, will restart app multiple times in a row :wink:

So for cases like that, would be great to have :

  • device unavailable for xx seconds → trigger condition only after certain period of time
  • multiple devices of same type unavailable - trigger only once

Happy to explain on another case, if needed :wink:

Ah, sorry, i was thinking of AVDs, but you are talking about the flowcards :slight_smile:
Well, i guess both would be possible, but since both require more buildin timer functions, i actually first wanna wait till homey-api v3 is completly fixed for the HP2019 and HP2023, and then implement it in DC, so i can get the memory usage down first.

Because DC is using a lot of memory atm. Before i buildin more timers, i really want to get the memory usage down :wink:

Please create a feature ticket, so i can get to it when the time is right?!

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This one you could solve yourself tho, altho a little bit of work, since you would need to configure is for each device type.
Update to the latest test version (i have added tokens for APP-id and device-type, but you don’t really need it for this).

Create this flow, i used the AVD’s as test device:

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