[APP][Pro] Advanced Virtual Device (Device Capabilities App) with Unique Text Status Indicator

Hello @Arie_J_Godschalk ,

Thank you again for your exceptional work. I wanted to know if in the area surrounded by my previous message it is possible to put only text without a number. I would like to indicate the states of my vacuum cleaner for example “docking”, “charging” etc…

Thank you very much!

Edit: I just saw that Dennis had the same question I believe.

I hope it will be, lets see what Athom makes of it.

This is A Petition!

For Everyone who wants a Text Status Indicator (as Device Tile) without a zero or dash in front of it, HIT the Like button of this post/message!

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If we get enough likes, we can include Emile or someone from Athom, to show them how much people would want this!

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Update: Message has been send to Emile:
Dear Emile


You can try the alternative Exchanger file. For now, you’ll need de H.o.o.p. app though

Peek 2022-09-13 02-27


Screenshot from 2022-09-26 13-44-08

hey @Peter_Kawa , in the version is just pushed to Live, the variable creation is completly fixed as far as i know: droptokens didn’t get linked correct after creation.
This is now solved.

The EV Charger Status Device Tile - AVD Template import correct now (if you don’t have the variables allready).

Still an issue when finding existsing variables i see, fixing it now.

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Fixed in allready currrent live version!

Here i import a Flow from someone else, but with the same variable names as i allready have got (because i allready imported the flow).

Now there will not be an error, but it will replace the variables in the flow with yours (that is, the same name, but other IDs)

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It looks better indeed, Arie.

But now I’m missing ‘wires’ somehow, but not all are missing.

Create it with the latest file please.
I think you have created this file with the Live version that had a bug.
It does not in the newest live version.

The bug was in Export, when creating a file.
The bug was live about 10 minutes, 30 people did get the install with the bug tho.

Version 2.6.50
Wires are okay again, but the ]] thing is back :wink:

Not in 2.6.52.

Hi @Arie_J_Godschalk

Question. I have 4 airco indoor units. Each indoor unit has a tile. And when long pressed I get a sub menu with a dropdown menu. And each value in the dropdown menu contains other values. Like in the pictures. Now I want to make one ADV in which I can select a indoor unit with the accommodating settings. Is this possible?

The below pictures are from the menu of one of the units.

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Ah, I searched an just wanted to ask the same Q for a thermostat:

I’d like to be able to set the values, and also read the values when they are changed.
EDIT: on / within an ADV

The shared flow to see if the sensor is still awake is a nice tool. Can the script this also be added to my flower sensors from Xiaomi?

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Het @Peter_Kawa and @Dennis_van_Dinter ,

I have the feeling that those are not the same questions.
@Dennis_van_Dinter , Do you mean: You want to be able to add Pickers/Dropdowns to AVD?
If so, i haven’t fount a solution to dynamicly add Pickers/Dropdowns.

@Peter_Kawa Do you mean you want to set the Picker/Drodown value of a non-AVD device?
If so, the Set Capability flowcards from DC App can be used to set a picker/dropdown value of a device.

Well, the idea is to create a ADV and within that ADV select one of 4 indoor units and then be able to set its temperature or its heating or cooling mode. That would mean it’s should be dynamicly, I guess.

If this not possible, then is it possible to create a menu style like in the screenshot but only for 1 device. So basically only mimicking the menu style.

I’m working on a AVD Thermostat, which should hold a mode “wheel”, just like the tado thermostat on the screenshot.
It should be able to work with both receiving and sending commands:

  • set a mode (it’s plain text) via flowcards, something like this:

  • when the mode is changed or set on the AVD tile, it should write the new mode to a text-tag, and flowcard, to be able to control an other device, something like this:
    Screenshot from 2022-09-27 19-05-43

My flower sensors send temperature values, so they are reported between the temperature sensors
However, I made a mistake in the flow, the contact sensor check was added twice :crazy_face:
You can replace the script in the last HomeyScript flowcard, with this code below.
The TEF file is also updated, you can just import it again.

Code (clickme)
// Sensor.Temperature_Check, to check Temperature sensors connection by comparing last update times
let array = [];

const devices = await Homey.devices.getDevices({ filter: {class: 'sensor', capabilities: 'measure_temperature'} });
_.forEach(devices, device => {
array.push( device.name  + '\t==> ' + device.capabilitiesObj?.measure_temperature.lastUpdated?.substring(0,16) );

//oldest date on top sort array = ["time_stamp device", "time_stamp device", "time_stamp device" ]
const array_sorted = array.slice().sort(function(time_stamp, device) { 
 const firsttime_stamp = time_stamp.split(" ")[0];
 const secondtime_stamp = device.split(" ")[0];
 if(firsttime_stamp < secondtime_stamp) return -1;
 if(firsttime_stamp > secondtime_stamp) return 1;
 return 0;

console.log("Temperature sensors:\n" + array_sorted.join('\n') + "\n\nSensor.Temperature_Check.js");

        uri: 'homey:manager:notifications',
        id: 'create_notification',
        args: {
          text: "Temperature sensors:\n" + array_sorted.join('\n') + "\n\nSensor.Temperature_Check.js"
return array_sorted.join('\n');


Thank you this is also works for me.
only the timestamps don’'t exacly the right time.
I can see it is go worng on the motion sensors. i was not at home :upside_down_face:

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