[APP][Pro] Advanced Virtual Device (Device Capabilities App) with Unique Text Status Indicator

Is it possible to group 2 single dimmable lamps/bulbs to 1 AVD, so that is possible to change the dimmlevel in the AVD for both lamps/bulbs simultaneously like it’s possible with the < group > app?

Well, depends on how you want it, but i would say: Yes, Yes and Yes.
But maybe not how you want it :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you want? Want slider on a AVD that, when changed will also adjust 2 real lamps? And when the Lamps are changed, also change the slider?

Or do you want an AVD with 2 sliders and 1 main slider?

Yes, this one. Plus On/Off button.

Coming up, i’ll make an template, i allready have one (but with to much crap in it).
And it’s TFE not AVD, so, one sec.

It’s so fun, to create a good example, i also create fake “real” devices to use, so i can give them good names and stuff :slight_smile:


Still one sec, i have everything working very nice, but the templates filter out the function from the Topic. I’ll fix it, just a moment.


Pff, i just mist 1(!) questionmark in my beautifull RexExpression:
(?:<p>.{0,2}TEF.{0,2}:.{0,2}<\/p>.{0,2})?(?:<p>.{0,2}THE Exchanger? File.*?:.{0,2}<\/p>.{0,2})?(?:<ul>.{0,2}<li>(?:.{0,2}The Exchanger? File.*?:.{0,2})?(?:.{0,2}TEF.*?:.{0,2})?<\/li>.{0,2}<\/ul>.{0,2})?<pre><code class="lang-auto">.*?((?:\[TEF:){1}(.+):)??(H4s(?:.*?))(?:])?(?:(?:\s)+.*?)<\/code><\/pre>

Should have been
(?:<p>.{0,2}TEF.{0,2}:.{0,2}<\/p>.{0,2})?(?:<p>.{0,2}THE Exchanger? File.*?:.{0,2}<\/p>.{0,2})?(?:<ul>.{0,2}<li>(?:.{0,2}The Exchanger? File.*?:.{0,2})?(?:.{0,2}TEF.*?:.{0,2})?<\/li>.{0,2}<\/ul>.{0,2})?<pre><code class="lang-auto">.*?((?:\[TEF:){1}(.+):)??(H4s(?:.*?))(?:])?(?:(?:\s)+.*?)?<\/code><\/pre>

Can you believe that? :rofl:

Oeps, Well perhaps it needit a bit more:
(?:<p>.{0,2}TEF.{0,2}:.{0,2}<\/p>.{0,2})?(?:<p>.{0,2}THE Exchanger? File.*?:.{0,2}<\/p>.{0,2})?(?:<ul>.{0,2}<li>(?:.{0,2}The Exchanger? File.*?:.{0,2})?(?:.{0,2}TEF.*?:.{0,2})?<\/li>.{0,2}<\/ul>.{0,2})?<pre><code class="lang-auto">.{0,10}((?:\[TEF:){1}(.+):)??(H4s(?:.*?))(?:])?(?:(?:\s)+.*?)?<\/code><\/pre>

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Okay Dirk, i have got a very Nice AVD with all needed flow actions for you:

Now, as you can see there is a function in it that you need to place in the App Settings of DC.
With your current DC version, you do not see that within the Web/Homey app. So copy it from the link above or update to the current Test version.

  • Create the function (copy from link above) in App Settings.
  • Create a new AVD and select the Control 2 dimmable lights as one template.
  • When you get to the flow creation, change the Light 1 and Light 2 with the lights you want to control:
  • Click update text and run it in the WebAPI Playground (just click on the link).

Tada, there you go!

If you like the template, leave the used template a like :heart:, so it goes to the top of people’s lists.

Hi @Arie_J_Godschalk,
thank you very much for the AVD, it works exactly the way I thought it would. :+1:t3:

However, I found two bugs or malfunctions:
After importing the AVD, the flows and testing the AVD, I’ve changed the names of the 2 on/off buttons Light 1 / Light 2:

  1. the Homey smartphone app crashed after pressing the “Save device” button
  2. the new names were saved in the settings, but not in the device (see screenshot). Even after restarting the app, the new names were not applied. In the flows, however, I could select the new names and apply them.

I’ll have a look into it, by adding an OnOff and removing the last OnOff Make’s WebApp also crash.
This i already reported to Athom.
However, i will test this through the Mobile App also beter and see if i can solve it on my end.

What hapends if you change one name right a little bit and press save?
Are the both changed correctly?

I changed 1 name from Stehlampe oben to Stehlampe and saved it. After that the names of the buttons were correct.
Then I changed the name again from Stehlampe to Stehlampe oben and saved it. Now both button names are displayed correctly.

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Hey Martijn, you can add the tenary now with the current test version.

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Hey Dirk,

I think i have this resolved; i recieved a few errors in the logs because of the newly added List( picker/ternary) fields.
The error happends just after settings the field names and just before setting the names of fields that are shown to the user in the Device.
So, it would explain the issue you discribed.

The issue has been resolved in Live already, so do you mind importing the AVD again (you can ofc delete them after)? :wink:

I would love to hear that it all works as expected (except for the Homey App crash, need so time to look into that one).

Btw, no, this would not happen: I do not update devices during start or otherwise. AVD fields etc. are only updated after changing the settings (or importing).
When a AVD is created or altered, it stays that way untill the user actively changes things him/her-self.

After I left the device menu (not the device settings menu!) and went back to the device menu (via long tap), the names were correctly updated. The Homey app did not crash either.
Thanks again for the quick support!

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The Device Capabilities App just got updated to version 2.8.1.

I have changed the Community Forum wrapper/container for the TEFs, so it will be shown in nice colors on the Forum.

This way, it gives more readability, and that is the whole point of the wrapper/container: you can see by the Tags on the “box” whats in it, without opening it: AVD and/or FLOWS.

With these new colors, that become even more readable and stands more out.



In Test now:
Added to the default icon list:

2016 icons from Font Awesome!

See the list with icons here (or in the App settings and device settings ofcourse).

Install size still less then 7MB, the icons are from 450kB to 1.400MB.


Great hehehe. Now I can’t decide what icon I should use. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :grimacing:


New feature just been thought off and in development:

I will implement a feature in DC’s AVDs so you can use the thermostat as a combination-dial: put in the right numbers to activate a flow (and perhaps enable the normal funtions of the thermostat)!
And turn the dial to the end/configurable-number/combination-of-numbers, and it locks again :slight_smile:

Anyone looking for something like this?
I don’t think combination-locks exists in Homey already right? Or am i missing something?

Do you mean this principle to (un)lock a flow?

I’ve read a question somewhere about if there’s a possibility to lock a thermostat, to prevent f.i. kids playing with it, or setting the target temperature too high.

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I have flows that, if the Tado target temperature is set too high then Homey sets it back to a sensible level. Useful to ease the boost function which with our big cast iron radiators can have the house feeling like a sauna quickly

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