App creation tutorial and sample code?

I would like to create an app to control the temperature in my garage to avoid condensation when the outside temperature gets warmer than the indoor temperature. Therefore I need to be able to input a bunch of settings like delta temperature (indoor temp - outdoor temp), hysteresis, indoor max temp, indoor min temp etc. I also need to be able to read the temperature from two devices (indoor and outdoor) like aqara temp sensors.

The problem is that at this point my knowledge is pretty limited so I need help in the form of video tutorials and sample code, otherwise I’ll probably give up and buy a filthy expensive PLC (which I can handle) instead. Are there any good instruction videos and code which can help me?


No need for coding a new app. Make the calculations with better logic app or the Homey build in logic and control the fans and/or heaters based on these calculations.

Agree, or use Homeyscript to do the complexer calculations.
If you do decide to build an app, the SDK documentation is pretty good IMO but you will need some programming experience. If Homeyscript is too much for this problem, no amount of tutorials will make it easier as a full blown app.

I would recommend to give the vThermo app a try.

The delta’s can be calculated using logics math.js like said before.
(“temperatuur is veranderd” means “temperature has changed”)

Logics condition card (the And card) “A comparison is true”:

The Insight Trends app is worth having a look at too.

There is a mold detector from POPP available. It’s function is based on the measurements of temperature and humidity. The sensor isn’t supported by the POPP app yet, but you could ask the developer to add the sensor to the app. The sensor uses Z-Wave. So you have also to check, if Z-Wave signal is available in the garage.

@Peter_Kawa, the Insight Trends app isn’t available in the app store anymore.

Wow, a lot of answers! :slight_smile:
Thankyou all. I will have a look at all this. I’ll probably get back with more questions once I have installed all the devices needed. :slight_smile:
Thanks again.

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Btw, which temperature and humidity sensors does this app (VThermo) support?

Hey Dirk, that’s weird…, at my place it still is: Insight Trends App for Homey | Homey

In theory all which report the right capabilities: measure_temperature, target_temperature and measure_humidity

This might be interesting:

You’re right Peter. Don’t know why I didn’t found the app this morning… :man_shrugging:t3:
Sorry for the false information.

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Thanks a lot everyone. Now I just need to buy all necessary devices. :slight_smile:

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