Presence app do you use


Trying out presences apps there days so i can open the garage door a few seconds beforehand im arriving.

So what apps do you guys use today? My garage is about 30 m meters from the house.


I use Locative (IOS) and this works perfect. Locative gives you the opportunity to add multiple geo-fences and send a webhook entering/leaving each of those geo-fences.

Just curious, how about security? if someone ‘borrows’ your phone and approaches your garage, will the door open as well?

Hi, i’m using the Homey native presence, works great.

Locative, is that an app? Cant find it.

Good question, but that’s also a question about the whole house. That’s why I don’t have a smartlock connected to my smartsystem.

Hmm, that’s what i am trying now, but its so slow. Yesterday it took around 20 min before i got a message that i was home. Perhaps im doing something wrong.

Homey presence is not reliable for everyone. Locative is an app on IOS. I’m sure there is an Android equivalent as well.

Do you know why its not reliable to everyone?

for andoid you can use macrodroid

see Tado Thuis/Afwezig na update - #50 by M_a_r_c_o for more details

for ios and locative see

Lookie look
Like @Robert_Zwetsloot mentioned alr

I use Life360. I pay the subscription and it covers the whole family. Also has multiple zones so I know to freeze the credit cards when the wife gets to town :rofl:

You can set up the radius for each location and I normally find the lights come on as the house comes into sight.

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Lights where probably on all day already :joy: :rofl:

:yum: I see them come on.

Since 1 week I’m using Life360 also. Free version, for now. I must say, it works perfectly! Fast and reliable. Yesterday, I received a message my son was home from school…I looked out my window and there he was…just parking his bike in the shed. So yes, I think I keep this! Very convenient.

Been trying the internal precense some more. It’s 3 hours sincerely i came home and now its telling me on my mobile that im home.

Usw a simple flow that will send me a push notification when i get home.

And I have manually selected where homey is located.

Running on 4.2

Any ideas however to make it faster?

Yes, use one of the already mentioned workoarounds and report the problem of the build-in solution to Athom.

I user Egigeozone (Android)

It works very good. On the same way like with IOS (with webhook)
The app is not supported anymore , but it still works and its free
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A question from a newbie, please.
I have an Android phone which works perfectly with detecting my presence in or near to my house. My wife has an IoS phone which we believe to be set up in the same way as the android, but it doesn’t register in any way when she is in or out of the house. Is there something strange about IoS in this context? Also why are there so many reports of the native app not being reliable? Are Homey on the case or is thrid part app the way forward?

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Works fine for me, since firmware v5.x.x
The Homey cloud version works fine too.
I’m using Android.
Just realize that users with no problems aren’t gonna open topics because of things run fine without problems :wink:

For ios phones, there was a bug in v15.x
It seems to be solved with v15.3

Same problem with Android app, never worked for us. I use Macrodroid and webhooks and it all works perfectly