Intergas incomfort (LAN2RF gateway) connection

Maybe this? setSettings does not work for all types of settings

Ik zelf heb helemaal geen problemen, installatie en functionaliteit werken hier 100% Bedankt voor het toevoegen van de displaycode!

I answered you via DM. It works now with version 1.0.5

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Really nice to see there is an app for this now. Just in time, as I got my heatpump installed yesterday :partying_face:

Just a couple of questions, hope you can help me!

Is there any manual which describes how to login?

What is the gateway host, is that the IP-adress I have for my gateway in my Comfort Touch app?

Which username? The one I use for login into the Comfort Touch app or standard ‘Admin’?

Which password, the one for the comfort touch app or the one on the back of the gateway?


Thanks for asking and you are totally right.

The host is the IP adres for the gateway in your own network. I am not sure you can find this in the app, but you should be able to find it in your router somewhere.

The username is usually ’admin’.
Password is indeed on the back of the device.

Thanks, that helped. Was not the ip-adres as shown in my Comfort Touch app. Router showed me the right ip-adres. Got it up and running now, nice to integrate into my flows.

One more question, after adding the new device in Homey, it shows me 2 new thermostats. If I read the posts above, seems to be caused by the fact that I have a Heatpump and a CV. Which thermostat should I then use in my flow? Maybe both?

Furthermore, keep up the good work!

That is a very setup specific question. I would try experimenting with it.

I only have access to a CV, so not sure how the heatpump would need to be controlled.

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Hi still a newbie and not able to connect. When I enter the login data with the same gateway host (IP), username and password I use to login to the webinterface of the incomfort gateway the spinner on the ‘versturen’ button keeps spinning…

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


Thanks for your message, maybe you can check the ‘console’ in the browser (F12 in Google Chrome) and tell me if anything pops up. Otherwise, could you tell me some more details? Homey version, is the Gateway on an internal IP?


Hi Wim,

The incomfort gateway is on a internal IP but maybe it’s on another wifi SSID. I cannot find the SSID on the gateway (just the ip etc.), so I’ll try to reset it and connect it to the same SSID as the homey.

Thanks for the reply!

Hey Martijn,

I am sorry, but the gateway is connected through a wire, right? Or is there a wireless version as well? If there are multiple versions, that might be the reason why this doesn’t work for you.

What I CAN do is create a test version for you, that just logs a bunch of stuff and you can try to pair using that version. If it doesn’t work, we might have info to support it anyway.

I specifically tested with this version:

Could you try out this version:

If it does not work for you, could you send me a diagnostic report after trying to pair. You find that option under ‘Settings’, then my app ‘Intergas Incomfort’. There should be a button called ‘Create Diagnostic Report’.

Hi Wim. You are right, the incomfort gateway is connected through UTP. My bad.
I will send you the diagnostic report through DM.