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Hi all! New to the forum and just starting with Homey.

Can some-one explain how to trigger a flow when pressing a virtual button? I have searched the forum and the documentation, however cannot find a solution for that?

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Using the “Virtuele Apparaten” experiment;

Using the “Virtual Devices” app:

Thanks! That works :slight_smile:

Hi, Yesterday I posted a request regarding Alexa integration. Since Nest is not supporting the external API anymore I can not controll my NEST via Homey anymore. Now I also have alexa and figured a way out that needs some change on VD. Read hear if you are interested or can help: Alexa Integration (v2)
If anyone has another suggestion (via ESP?) I’m also happy.

Hi, just had the same issue, solved quite easy.
You should do the next steps: lets say you have lamp 1 and lamp 2 connected to left and right button. Paired aqara double switch in athom device list name Lamp 1. Then create a virtual device with name Lamp 2 and create 4 flows: 1 when Lamp 1 (right switch) turns ON, then Lamp 2 ( virtual device) Turns ON. 2. The same flow as first one, only change to OFF. 3. When Lamp 2 turns ON, then Lamp 1 ( right swith) turns ON. 4. The same flow as previuos only with OFF. That is it, you will have two separate devices/buttons in menu list and these flows will let you see actual status and extension of the lights (turned on or off)

Hi! Could you take a look at this thread:

The only thing I do is make the virtual thermostat update a variable, with the built-in 0.5 increments.
There seems like the app should have some kind of rounding enabled before setting the value, as I suddenly got a bunch of decimals when setting the temperature.

see Virtual Devices

Hello, I like to control my kodi on my pc using Google assistant in Dutch. For now, there is no real solution for that.

So I was wondering, can I install a virtual device like a TV or speaker to homey, give that the name kodi, sync my devices with Google and control it with my voice?

I have tried to add a virtual TV but that is not visible in Google home. Also not after re-sync.

As long you added it as light ,your good to go

Lights are the only devices that are synced with Google home?

Plugs also

Hello, I don’t see multi mode device anymore in the app. Is it removed?

See Release history

Indeed. I couldn’t get it to work properly in Homey2.0, so I disabled adding new multimodes. But the devices already added should remain working.

Okay thanks. Missed that

I want to show the percentage of my electric car battery in a virtual device.
Homey has the capability of ‘measure_battery’ but I cannot find it in the Virtual Device library.
Is that correct or am I missing something?

Thanks Roy. I am using this app but can not find a virtual device in its library with the battery capability (in percentage). That’s why I am looking for a way to have a virtual device with this capability.

Did you even click on the link😂

Yes I did. :slight_smile: I know and use the app. In the app are a lot of sensors with a lot of capabilities. But I haven’t found the ‘measure_battery’ capabilty unfortunately.