[APP][Pro] Power by the Hour: Insights per hour, day, month and year

I’m afraid your app won’t be released today …

Hello Robin

If i choose to look at the insights then the homey gets disconnected from the wifi and i can’t access it. Reset wifi doesn’t work. Homey off/on doesn’t work. Now i am going to reset IT. The homey flows work but no access.

Greetings Jan Willem

This doesn’t sound like it is related to the app Power by the Hour. The app hasn’t been approved yet by Athom, and since I uploaded it they decided to have a new app store :roll_eyes: that still has some issues.

But if you did install from GitHub, and you are convinced that your issues are related to that, please create an issue at https://github.com/gruijter/com.gruijter.powerhour/issues

Is there a problem with the app because it’s still not approved?

No problem with the app. Problem with the new app store and/or Athom is my guess. They dont have time to approve it.

Ik thougt it was about the insights but than it was at the wrong topic. My error still remains. Thanks for your reaction.

Mvg Jan Willem

IT IS LIVE!!! (There was indeed an issue due to the appstore migration, but Emile fixed it just now)


Very nice app :+1: I found a small Dutch translation error. Deze day i.p.v. Deze dag


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Thnx, great app!
I use it for the Plugwise Smile P1 app.
It should be nice if the gas usage is also shown.
Perhaps an idea for the next version?

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Definitely! Besides gas probably also water🚿

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Great idea!!

I’m unable to select my Toon thermostat for power measurement.
Any idea why?

Does your Toon thermostat have a meter_power capability in Homey? Power by the Hour only works with devices that have a meter_power capability (so not the estimated ‘Energy’ from the device settings)

Edit: according to the code on Github it does have it… So it should pop up in the list of devices


Yes sir, first thing I checked:

ah, I only see meter_power.peak and meter_power.offPeak. I need a combined meter_power

That is why it doesnt show

Mmh. Not so easy. Maybe I can come up with a solution for Toon (or mostly: maybe I can find some time to implement a solution :wink:)

That’s the wrong Toon, I’m using Open Toon:

Great, I’m an developer also (not very active lately due to lack of time) so hit me up if you need any help

Whahaha, why are official apps never used? :rofl:

Because I have an hacked/rooted Toon