[APP][Pro] Power by the Hour: Insights per hour, day, month and year

During pair of a new DayAheadPrice device.

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Ok, thanks. I finally got it (I think). Didn’t realize I had to create both a DAP device and a device listening to another device :slight_smile:

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Yes, if you have dynamic pricing you need at least 2 devices.

The summarizer device is for monitoring the energy usage and monetary value of that usage. It works immediately if you have fixed energy prices.

The DayAheadPricing (DAP) device is additionally needed when using dynamic energy pricing (where your price per kWh changes every hour.)

Any chance of getting the maximum electric price of the day, and not only the lowest?

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Could avg. price tomorrow be added and updated as soon as tomorrows prices are announced?

Please post your feature requests in this separate item: [APP][Pro] Power by the Hour [Feature Requests]

with todays update a few flaws arrived. Some values in DAP now has EURO as currency marker instead of local currency marker.

Ah ok. Thx for reporting. Will fix it in the next version. For now you can remove the currency symbol in settings, and after applying set it again to your currency.

This is confusing me, trying to make my first flow based on set price. All prices are in NOK, except on the flow card?
Tried deleting the currency settings and saving, but no change. Is the price in euros or is it just the symbol?

It is indeed just the symbol. In your case it should say NOK. But this is a flow card automatically generated by Homey itself and I am therefore not able to change the symbol for that card. It is actually a bug in Homey that is present for all apps where the unit is changed from the device settings. You could report it as a bug to Athom.

Thanks for the quick response.
Will report.

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@Mark_Jiskoot many thx for your kind donation! :partying_face:

Hi. I’ve searched this topic and found that others have the same issue as me but i cant seem to find the solution, or maybe i have but haven’t realized it :slight_smile: . I’ve installed the qubino 3-phase meter but cant get the total values in PBTH. The qubino 3-phase adds as 5 devices in homey, 1 to adjust advanced settings as report intervalls etc, then one device for each phase separetad and finally one last device for the total values.

In PBTH 4 of these devices can be added which is right since one device dont report any values. Phase 1-3 dont have any total kwh values reported so when added to PBTH it is setup with watt reportage which is understandable and this is working in PBTH, the values get reported. However when i try to add the device in homey which qubino reports the total values for all 3 phases i dont get any reported values in PBTH. It is this device that holds the total reported kwh values and total watt used momentary by the 3 different phases.

Im able to add a virtual device in PBTH which i update through a flow with the total kwh used. I’ve set it up as the following:
When - total reported kwh by qubino (total) is greater then PBTH Virtual device Energy
Then - Send reading of total reported kwh by qubino to the PBTH Virtual device.

If I compare to the readings in insights it seems alright.

Is there any functionality in PBTH that miss out on since the qubino total readings cant be setup in PBTH the “normal way” and i instead use the virtual device? Would it be possible to somehow get the qubino 3-phase meter supported by PBTH or have i setup the virtual device correctly so that i dont miss out on any functionality?

PBTH assumes a totalized meter_power or measure_power capability being provided by the source device (= in this case via the qubino app) .
If the source device/app doesnt have that you indeed need to use the virtual PBTH device and update it via a flow.
As alternative option you can use the GROUP app to create a virtual device that adds all phases, and then add that virtual GROUP device to PBTH.

Hi! is there any of the neat functions in PBTH that i miss if i create a virtual device? The total device in the qubino app reports the following where the “power meter (import)” is the power meter for the total kwh used by the 3 phases. At least thats why i’ve read and is lead to believe.

The values present for the device total in the qubino app for the 3-phase meter:

No, you still get all the good stuff. Just update the total kWh regularly via flow, e.g. every minute and/or on every change.

Although… why is your total kWh only 11,5 kWh? Is it resetting to 0 every day or so?

Ok great. No I just installed it 30h ago and it only measures a spa bath, not the entire house. That’s why it so far only reached 11kwh

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I hope you see also added value to my request for a string that provides a coma separated overview of low prices. This should go from lowest to highest (and stay below average)
This string can be used to see when the next low price can be used to start a dishwasher or washing machine if lowest price of the day is missed.
Something could look like
Washing machine will take 2 hours to run. People in my household can then decide to start the machine at 13:00 and no later than 14:00

Br Mark

Your welcome.
Could it be that the lowest price is 1 hour off.

Yesterday (12-10) it seems to be 1 hour off
Today (13-10) it was 3:00 in the app however 2:00 was also same price

@Hans_Petter_Kvalo Many thanks for your kind donation ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :beers: