[APP][Pro] Power by the Hour: Insights per hour, day, month and year

@Phuturist Do you have a clue why Shelly EM is not showing in PBTH during pair?

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Only thing I can think of is because the Shelly (3)EM are currently both registered as cumulative energy devices as these devices are often used as some sort of energy clamp and you dont want to double count the usage. See https://apps-sdk-v3.developer.athom.com/tutorial-Drivers-Energy.html. There is a request though for adding an advanced option allowing the user to change the energy attribute similar to your Enelogic app but I have not yet implemented that.

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I’ll wait till Homey v5 is released.

Just one more question/suggestion.

By default the devices reset the month meter at the end of the month.
Wouldn’t it be possible to add in the settings of each device an option to chose the day wich we would like the month meter to reset?
Has an example for me it would be much more useful if the month counters reset at the day 15 of every month.

V2.2.1 is about to be released soon. Just a minor Homey API package update.

Get the test version here:


Hi, I love this app!
Would be totally cool if I could add multiple devices to the same aggregation. Like total consumption for all heaters or all lights.
Donation coming up :wink:

Donation received. Many thx :beers:

To cumulate devices ,have a look at this app: [APP] < group > (2.4.2 - Stable)

I havent used it myself, but I think you can add multiple devices into one cumulated virtual device. You should then be able to add this virtual device to PBTH.

Let us know if that works for you :wink:

Great hint! That works perfectly actually and makes perfect sense.

First week with the Homey and learning every day :wink:

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When I want to read out data with the app. Do I need to have a device plugged in to my P1 port of my smart meter? Or can I read out via the Enelogic site/webhook. I can’t find the solution for that (or I’m not looking at the right place).

When I want to add a device I only see devices that use power and I don’t see an option to add Enelogic.

Another option would be to buy a (second-hand) Plugwise P1. Does the Plugwise V1 work with the app or do you need a V3?

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PBTH can read any Homey device that has a meter_power capability. If you have a P1 device paired with Homey, like the Youless LS120 or the Beeclear or the Plugwise Smile P1, it will also be able to read that. You first need to pair the P1 device using the Homey app belonging to the device. After doing that you can add the device to PBTH.

PBTH will only read information from Homey devices (real or virtual). It will not read cloud based information from energy managers like Enelogic. But with a Youless LS120 you can use the P1 data both within Homey and on the Enelogic cloud simultaneously.

Yes, PBTH can read devices from the Plugwise Smile P1 app ( ps Dont use the official Plugwise app for that, because it really sucks :wink:) . And yes, the Plugwise Smile P1 app supports Smile V1, V2 and V3.

Hi Robin, Any change on creating a trigger flow-card for change on “last hour” and maybe “last day” values? That way it is possible to use this in flows to e.g. write this values immediately to external database like influx using homey script.
I read your suggestion about an hourly flow that writes the “last hour” value, but that way we don’t know when during that hour the value is written (and date time stamp is maybe 59 minutes later, or is the hourly flow triggered precisely on the whole hour?)

Yes, it is a cronjob exactly on the hour. So if you make a flow that is triggered just some seconds later you have the right values

Ok didn’t know that, still learning about homey. That will do the job. Thx :+1:

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Hi, i’m experiencing the following after reboot of Homey.
Some ‘meters’ ending in Errol.
After restart of the pbth app all is ok.
I suppose it is a timing issue

weird. And the error does not go away within an hour?

No, once a week a reboot on roughly midnight. Net morning the errors are still visible

Ok, thx 4 reporting. Will look into that.

Have it too. As a workaround I restart the app 10 mins after a reboot.

@Ronald_van_Keulen @Edwin_D I can reproduce the issue. Weird I have never noticed this before. I wonder if it is related to certain Homey firmware versions. Did you have this issue always, or did it start on a certain firmware level?

I had this on homey vs 4.2 and now on vs 5

For me it started around the stable version, but my unit was out for repair the last few RC’s.