[APP][Pro] Device Capabilities - Enhance the capabilities of devices

I am getting a lot of errors since a couple of weeks.

The devices i created suddenly show a red error triangle. This can only be fixed by doing an app restart. The timeline in Homey does not report an app crash. it seems to be corresonding to the updates that the app is getting, as i believe this only happens after an update.

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Send a diag after crash please?

By this you mean the AVD’s right?

Yes, i indeed mean the devices. I will send you the Diagnotisc when it happens again

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Okay, i’ve been working hard on getting The Flow Exchange(r) and AVD-Templates/TEF-imports working with the new upcoming Homey-APIv3.
There are some changes, but i got everything working it seems.
Except the flowtokens, the Homey-APIv3 still has a bug, so that one will be fixed somewhere this week i guess.
Old TEFs and Templates just keep working, and while homey-APIv2 will become obsolete, or at least, it will work with the same datasets, the new (develop) version of the DC app works correctly on the HP2023 and earlier HPs. Also TEF’s from the HP2023 can be imported in earlier HPs and visa versa.

Also, some more bugfixes, improvements in the AVD creation screens and working on better translations.


After the latest update (v2.9.15) the Device capatabilities app constantly crashes (deze app is onverwachts gestopt, de ontwikkelaar is op de hoogte gesteld).
A restart works for a few minutes but than again the app crashes and is disabled.


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I get an error on one of my flow cards since the app update this afternoon. Anything I can do to fix this?

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-02-17 om 21.13.15

Edit: I see now that the app crashes constantly.

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yeah, working on it.

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@Heula and @Jo_San

Please update to the latest test version, it should resolve the issues.


Yes, can confirm. Thanks!

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Thanks :+1:t2:

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The app was unexpectedly terminated! Version 2.9.13

/node modules /homey-api/lib/HomeyAPI /HomeyAPIV2 /ManagerFlow /
item.ownerId = item.uriObj.id;

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'id')
at Function.transformGet (/ node modules /homey-api/lib/HomeyAPI/
HomeyAPIV2 /ManagerFlow/FlowCardTrigger.js:12:32)
at onEvent (/node modules /homey-api/lib/HomeyAPI /HomeyAPIV3 /
at Socket. _onEvent (/node modules / homey-api / lib / HomeyAPI/
HomeyAPIV3. js: 543: 7)
at Socket.Emitter.emit (/ node modules /component-emitter /
at Socket.onevent /node modules/socket.io-client/lib/
at Socket.onpacket (/ node modules/socket.io-client/lib/
at Manager. <anonymous> (/ node modules /component -bind/
at Manager. Emitter. emit (/ node modules /component-emitter/
index.js: 145:20)
at Manager.ondecoded /node_modules/socket.io-client/lib/
manager. js:349: 8)
at Decoder.<anonymous> (/ node modules / component-bind/
Ausgangscode: 1


I know, there is a bug in it, the issue is resolved in the current test version which is allready submitted for review.

Sorry m8!

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Ok, I updated the app this morning to the last stable version v2.9.13. I had no problems with version v2.9.11. So I will install the current test version.

Btw, the changelog in the App Store is completely empty.

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Old news Dirk :wink: :wink:

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Hey Cactus, if you still need the picker, let me know!

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I would cheer for this feature :slight_smile:

The Picker?

It’s available, you just need to send it to me and i’ll add it:

Arie any link please , we can check and avoid it ourselves? Doesn’t sound right if developer like you would not see a workaround on this…we are then … :screwdriver:ed

You’re app is fine if you want, just remove BLL coding from it and publish.

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