[APP][Pro] Device Capabilities - Enhance the capabilities of devices

I’m serching an easy possibility to create a mode-like capability. I know modes are only predefined and not possible as virtual device. So I made a device with am “main” on/off switch and 3 mode switches:


The example shows a heating mode devide. The main device is: heating on/off.
The other switches are: at home, away, at work.
I change the heating plan depending on the selected switch.

Currently I act with flows on a switch going on and then I switch all other states off, so only one is active.
It’s a bit ugly, but I have no other Idea so solve this in a better way. Has anyone a better solution?

No, sorry, what I means was: If there is a backup-restore option that can help me move to a newer Homey model, then why do I need flow exchange? I mean it’s great for copying devices for myself and for others, so I do see the value, just not for the scenario of replacing a Homey device itself.

No, before, the thought was that there was gonne be no migration to the new Homey right now.
In that case, The Flow Exchange(r) could help to migrate.

But now it seems migration (through backup-and-restore) might be supported by Athom, so in that case, no need for TFE to help there.

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I would like to replace Virtual Devices with Advanced Virtual Devices, since the first one is not maintained anymore and will not be updated for New Homey Pro.

However, i use it for a specific purpose and cannot find how to do that with this app.

I have made a tile in my app. Once my actual PC comes online (checked through Advanced Presence Detection), the tile turns on (lights up) and when my PC goes offline the tile turns off. Also, when i click the tile, and my PC is not online, it will send a signal to Switchbot to turn on the computer.

Reason i do it this way: i want to see if my PC is online and be able to boot it from the same tile.

Is this possible with your app, and could you point me in the right direction. I cannot find a setting to show the app tile as ON or OFF.

Sorry if this is in the wrong section. Wasn’t sure which of the posts to use as i found multiple.

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Yes it is!

I created this Template for this precisely:
Pushable Device Tile and Separate Device Status (Light/Dark) - SYD Template

This is a good place to ask it, but i guess it should go at the Advanced Virtual Device Topic.

But it’s just the same app: Device Capabilities, so it’s fine to ask it here :slight_smile:

Yeah, you’re the best. Thanks this worked perfectly!

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Hi Arie,
I used to use the Virtual Device App (the other one !) but as it will not be supported with the new Homey I would like to use Device Capabilties.
I have created a simple on/off switch using the provided template and I would like to see it in Amazon Alexa to be able to activate by voice but it seems it is not detected by Alexa. Anything I am doing wrong ?
Thanks in advance for you help

You need to set the class correct (to light for instance) or, probably: the on/off switch: put Create Flow Cards on! :slight_smile:
This makes the OnOff button “real” and alexa will see it i guess :wink:

Alexa only recognizes device types fitting to it’s system. So only a VD as switch would be recognized, no buttons.

But in most times I use another approach:

  • create a flow and give it a name (like “radio”)
  • set the flow as favorite.
  • let Alexa search for new devices
  • the flow will appear as scene
  • you can now say “Alexa, start ” or "Alexa, activate .
    That’s more flexible because you can do more thing in one flow (e.g. turn on radio, set volume. set source…)
    With the combination of VDs and flows you have all possibilities.

Thank you for your help, I have succeeded with a wall plug on/off. Your app is really great !

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Many thanks for this great apps. It brings nearly the possibility to do everything you can imagine with it. Absolutely awesome.

I just have one issue. I’m also a fan from “Power by the hour”, and don’t manage to use it for Devices that I created.

Did somebody already managed to use device created with this Apps (in my case I read a watermeter) together with power by the hour ?

Below the device that I created:

And here power by the hour :


Should I do something special as source device is a virtual flow ?

Sorry, im not clear on what you want.
Do you want a virtual device to show a few of pbth values?

If so, you can set values of the AVDs through flowcards.

Depends which way, this is what’s possible for both?




I’d like to create a virtual home alarm device, but it can not be added to homekit via Homeykit app. I’ve tried it with the old virtual devices app, it goes well and seemingly there are capability differences between these virtual deives under developer web access.

Is there any chance to make it compatible with HomeKit?

Put the create Flow cards to true for the capabilities you want to see.

Which capabilities do you need?

Heimdalls Surveillance Mode switch is integrated with Homekits alarm settings when using @robertklep’s Homeykit app. Are you trying to build an Alarm system on your homey without using Heimdall or not using the Homeykit app?

Hi Arie,

Some of my triggers with an advanced device won’t work. I’ve tried to make a timeline notification without a condition, but didn’t work either.
Also one text device instead of all texts won’t work (or all booleans).

Hey Arjen,

Thanks for reporting!

To be honest, the All […] options should not be shown here.
You cannot have a trigger for multiple changes, because there is no way (currently) to set multiple values at once.

The All […] belongs to the Set value cards.

I’ll remove it.