[APP][Pro] Device Capabilities - Enhance the capabilities of devices

For which type?

Maybe for a bottle water but its gone far i think :wink:

In this new or future version, is it possible to give the device an on/off capability without a button?

What I’m looking for is a device that acts like a button when clicked in the mobile app, and only a flow can turn it on or off (and thus undim/dim the tile color). Preferably it even doesn’t have button in the UI for the on/off function.

Or is there no possibility to give a device the on/off capability without having the tile act as the on/off switch?

TIA, keep up the good work!

Yes, just Hide the first button as indicator and leave it to always true.

Now make a second/OnOff button and create flow cards for it.


Okay, Topic started at [APP][Pro] Device Capabilities (Addendum) - Fully customisable virtual device - Apps - Homey Community Forum


Doesn’t work for me… I setup a new device with these settings:

Created a this flow:

It doesn’t do anything when I press the tile in the mobile app, I get no timeline notification.

Then, when I press the on/off button (on the button tab) the device tile doesn’t dim/undim, and I don’t have a flow cards to turn on the device or off.

I can set the "“On/Off” button to Yes or No, but that still doesn’t dim/undim the tile.

When I look at the capabilities capabilities of the device, it doesn’t have an on_off capability:


What am I not seeing/getting?

I think i misunderstood you.
I thought that you wanted to not be able to click on the device tile? Only use it as a status?

If so, you have the right settings, like you said, you can push it buth nothing happends :slight_smile:

Now, you should be able to set the Hidden to Yes or No through the flowcard, and that will make the device tile light up or darken.

If this is not how you want it, please, explain again what you want, because i thought it was:

Or is there no possibility to give a device the on/off capability without having the tile act as the on/off switch?

P.s. from my point of view, the Button 2 (OnOff) has no use in what you want. Just the Button 1 as Indicator would be enough to the above question.

Use case is this; I have a DeviceCapabilities device “Ventilation” When someone presses the tile it changes from automatic to manual (e.g. it starts a timer and the ventilation system is set to medium, and when pressed again it changes to high). This is all working fabulously, but it would be even greater if when the powerplug for the ventilation system is turned off because of an emegency the tile would represent that. But I don’t want a user to be able to tun the device off, only a flow must be able to do that.

Besides that the flow starts medium ventilation after toilet use, and high when someone is taking a shower, and the level of ventilation (and the remaining timer) is in text/status/number fileds.

I really love what this app brings; like I said I was able to combine a lot of ‘old style’ virtual devices and get red of considerable number of flows , so missing this on_off capability is no biggy!

Ah, so you want the tile to be a pushbutton that can be pushed (when pushed, it stays in the dark/light status that it was in when pushed) to start a flow, and the dark/light tile status based the powerplug status?

So, pushing it is not connected to the indicator, you want them seperate?

If so, ill look into it tomorrow, its nighty night night :wink:


Thanks, and good night. Indeed it’s time to hit the sack :slight_smile:

Hope you’ll find a way to get this working sometime!

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Please note: in a upcoming version i have changed the Yes/No Show As Button value to OnOff.
If you have any Yes/No’s as Buttons, please re-select the onoff option and press save (after next update).


Comming up:


New options:

  • On/Off (Hidden)
    When this is selected, there will not be any buttons displayed, only the device-tile is clickable and shows the status of that button. So the same os OnOff, but without a button on the device-tabs.
  • Pushbutten and seperate Indicator
    When this is selected, there will be no buttons displayed, just like above.
    But it is a Pushbutton, and not show dark or light based on the value of the button.
    If you push it, it will just flash back like it was before, the same way as a normaal Pushbutton-tile.
    And the flowcard A Button was Pushed will be executed with the reversed value of the button (so when a button is light and you push it, the flow will always execute with value false’s, just like a normaal pushbutton.
    You can however(!!!), update the status of the tile through flowcards!

P.s. And no(!), pushing it really really fast after each other, is not gonna make a difference!

In test now: 1.9.81.

I have not read the entire post, so it may be that these points have already been addressed. If this is the case, I apologize.

– When I create an OnOff device the button inside the device is displayed light (on) or dark (off). Would it also be possible for the device tile to also be displayed light and dark like a switch? :white_check_mark: :wink:

– I think it would be easier and less work for the user if the created device would not have filled properties (text, number, yes/no, status) which may then need to be deleted (like you explained in the Addendum post).
It would be even better if when creating a device you could choose which and how many properties you want to use with the device.

But if they are fields that can either only contain numbers, text or yes/no it is nice to know what you can enter.
Maybe there can be text but it doesn’t do anything and only serves as an example.
So if you do not fill in anything then it is gone, when you save it
Light printed text,.

In my opinion in the advanced device settings it is absolutely clearly visible and understandable what has to be filled into the fields.
And as I wrote, it would be very nice by creating a new device that it’s choosable which properties you want to have.

This is currently not how it works, but it can be made so:
Create the device with the default properties, but leave them empty in the settings.

But will this then be clear?

Personally i think having them both in settings and in device or both not, would a better approach?!

Wait, i have an idea i think :slight_smile:

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And thanks for the tip (to think about a good solution).
I really dislike hardcoded data, and now i can remove my “default getter”:

switch (type) {
                case 'virtualdevice_set_text':
                    cap = cap || 'devicecapabilities_text.text1';
                case 'virtualdevice_set_number':
                    cap = cap || 'measure_devicecapabilities_number.number1';
                case 'virtualdevice_set_boolean':
                    cap = cap || 'alarm_devicecapabilities_boolean.boolean1';
                case 'virtualdevice_set_button':
                    cap = cap || 'button';
                case 'virtualdevice_set_status':
                case 'virtualdevice_set_status_optionalnumber':
                    cap = cap || 'measure_devicecapabilities_status.status1';