Zwave network stability

@Caseda many thanks for your time on this. I have moved homey in a place that is more central to the house and far away from any other electrical devices. I have performed another PTP and restarted fibaro app. Unfortunately the devices that were not working before are not working now still.

It is good to know that homey cannot brick a device. Nonetheless tomorrow I will try to remove one of the fibaro walli devices out of the network by resetting the device to factory settings first. I just want to try an alternative removal process. (By the way I am sending the blocked devices back to fibaro of course).

What do you think I should do to resolve my problem? Should I try to remove all unresponsive devices and try to add them back again? Should I reset homey to factory setting and re add all devices from scratch? Could you kindly offer me any potential way out or things to try?

I am sorry to ask these apparently dumb questions but I am not super expert on zwave devices and I am a bit of a novice here. I have installed roughly 85 walli switches and roller shutters after a pretty successful trial period with 5 or 6 devices only and now I am quite frustrated with all the issues I am encountering.

To be honest I am also willing to pay for someone who would come at my place to have a look so if you or someone you know work on zwave networks in Germany I am happy to also consider that :grinning:.

Thanks as usual for your time on this

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