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I have bought a Popp Z-rain. I installed the 2.06 version of the app and I am on homey 2.1.1.

Because I didn’t get any readings from the z-rain I deleted the app and installed it again. Now I can’t install the z-rain again. It says allready installed or cannot find a device.

is there any soluties for that? OR is there another way to use this rainmeter?

Otherwise I payed a lot of money for a device I can’t use.

With the Popp App 2.06 no chance.
No data will be transmitted to homey.

You have to exclude the device from homey.
Go to More -> Settings -> Z-Wave -> Remove a Z-Wave device. Then you start the inclusion / exclusion mode on the Z-Rain.

As I said, the device does not work with v2.06, so you can save yourself the re-include.

And you did ofcourse delete the device before adding it again ?

Thanks, that worked.

But now the conclusion is I bought the rainmeter for nothing because you can’t use it. Did it work in app version 1.17? If so is there a way to install this? I installed version 2.06 because the onder version would not install.

According to the app developer, the Z-Rain should work with V1.17.
This can only be installed via CLI.


Thanks for your help, but unfortunatly it does not work. When instelling the app I get a validation error and it won’t install.
Invalide driver class: zwave controller

Any suggestions?

Unfortunately no.

But you can report an issue via GitHub

Again thanks for your help.

i did report it there. but if I read through the messages, it Seems he does not answer anymore. Perhaps he does not develop the app anymore.

Or maybe he is just busy in real life. Be aware they make the apps in there free time and not getting payed for

Or in other words.
If you want to play it safe, just install only apps from Athom! :wink: :thinking:

wel athom isnt that fast on their apps also :upside_down_face: :rofl:

Unfortunatly Athom has not that many apps. They rely more on the apps Made by other people. I hope they will support a decent rain gauge soon.


From Netatmo the weather station is supported according to the app. I don’t see support for the rain gauge.

Its says support for the weather station , and ofcourse rain meter is part of it.

So if you would have at least start reading the topic about the app on the forum

Supported devices:

  • the NetAtmo Weather Station with modules
  • the NetAtmo Thermostat.

and a screenie from my own device

next time please believe me on my blue eyes (witch i dont have) :joy::joy::joy:

any further questions aboyt it please post it the topic about netatmo


I believe you.:+1::+1:

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