Wireless Weather Sensors App


I just discovered this app (thanks for it @nlrb :slight_smile: ) and would like to connect my older Auriol weather station (code:AN 91679) to Homey. I went into the app settings, selected both Auriol protocols, but nothing happens, nothing shows up in the device overview. Is there anything else I need to set, did I forget something? Thank you for your help

First of all, great app @nlrb - thanks a lot!

Is there any chance the functionality Danny_B asked for could come at some point in the future? I just experienced the same when changing batteries and when editing the devices the id is there as a parameter, it’s just not editable like in some other apps.

Thanks in advance!


Does anyone have experience with purchasing separate parts of a weather station to use with this app?
For example, Alecto sells individual parts and it would be nice to only have to buy the outdoor unit to integrate it into Homey.
See Onderdelen – Pagina 2 – Alecto Home

I am mainly looking for a rain and wind meter.


Hi @nlrb,
Is there any possibility to support this device in the near future?
Many thanks!

No idea what β€œRadio” they use, probably some RF?
There is also a BlueTooth version, but then you probably also need a hub to bridge the distance, maybe @Adrian_Rockall can advice.

Hi @JPe4619,
Thanks for your comment. They actually have 2 versions. I have them both. Bluetooth and 433. So I was hoping the 433 version would be compatible with this app. Unfortunately not. Bluetooth version is indeed far out of reach. So I’m looking for an easy way to measure the temperature of our spa and then turn the spa on or off by that data. If you have any ideas, please do! In the meantime I also hope that it might be possible for me to add the 433 version to this app. I have also read about the Blue Connect. Nice device, bit expensive, but okay. Just the refresh rate is not often enough.

No, sorry, I have no idea on this one. It’s not something I have looked into.