Will this motorized roller blinds will work with homey?

US $18.33 45%OFF | ZigBee Smart DIY Motorized Roller Blinds/Shades Drive Motor Hub Tuya Smart Life APP Alexa Google Home Voice Control


Or this one?

US $59.05 31%OFF | AVATTO Smart Motorized Chain Roller Blinds,Tuya WiFi Remote Voice Control Shade Shutter Drive Motor Work With Alexa/Google Home

Is there a way to make tham work with homey?

Thanks alot !

Please take a look at this topic :arrow_up::arrow_up: is see other devices like that mentiond. Should gove you the right answers, or what to do when not supported yet.

And again, please use the search before open a new topic every time.

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First of all tank you for the answer

I know this page and i see that the curtin motor is under soon category

So it means i still cant use it, right?

Is there any other way to control it from homey?
Maybe through alexa somehow?

I have seen this

U think it will help?

[APP] Amazon - Alexa - Apps - Homey Community Forum (athom.com)

so after redaing this page, I guess i can control but only open and close
Is there a way to bring routines also from alexa to homey?