Weather Underground PWS app (release version 2.1.17 & test version 3.0.9)

@Adrian_Rockall Are you planning a Homey Cloud version of the app as well?

The test version does work on the cloud but not sure if it will ever be allowed in the release channel. The main problem is it requires you to get a key from the WU server which is not currently acceptable for Homey as it is considered to complicated.

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could I use this app w/out having my very own device linked to WU?

No, you need to register a weather station to be able to get the required API key.

makes sense, I’ll see if there’s a cheap one out there

Look on my Misol app topic. It has a link to the Misol hub and a weather station a bit further down. Total price is about £50 and allows local access plus links to WU.

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The Weather Underground app has been rejected for Homey (cloud) so I will have to remove that capability.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

This is so disappointing, it worked perfectly. Thanks for the effort. For me, the rejection is another point to end the Bridge experiment soon.

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I’m curious what the reason is?

  1. It doesn’t conform to the required login method of username and password because you have to obtain an API key from outside the Homey system. Athom consider this to be an advanced procedure that might confuse the target user. I did suspect that would be an issue based on the guidelines but thought I would try it anyway.
  2. It competes with Homeys built in weather service.

Ah, well, that makes some sense. Thanks for sharing.

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It’s off-topic but I think it’s a very important information.

On a Homey Pro, the WU app also competes with the Athom weather service.
Should we now fear that all apps, bridges or hubs “competing” with Athoms Homey will be removed from the App Store sooner or later?
E.g. the deCONZ app was removed from the App Store due to (to me) unknown disputes. Very many users have used the deCONZ app because they are not satisfied with Homey’s Zigbee. So the deCONZ app is basically a competing app as well.

I don’t think Homey Pro is under threat from that, at least for existing apps.
For Homey I think Athom just want to keep it as simple as possible and by not having ‘competing’ products removes choice and therefore no need for a user to make a decision :wink:

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Apologies on OT but the disputes are know… saying that I don’t fear they will start removing apps - if so, I will start removing Homey unfortunately (but I still believe it’s fantastic product).

Really ? They really provide comparable functionality yet ? And if so, I wonder what they are afraid of - having better product then their own ? I think this can’t harm anyone, to have choice. It’s a pity that Athom does’t think so.

You haven’t met my wife :rofl:

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:joy: :joy: :joy:

I can’t find a built in weather service in the Bridge and the data from my froggit weather station probably can’t be mapped by the internal weather service.
Would the “Misol and Ecowitt” app also be rejected?

I had the same problem. The limited data is available via tags that can be used in the Logic card. I have pointed out the data is very well hidden and very limited. Also Homey has no way to trigger on it. There was no point in me arguing that point as it would still have been reject due to the login method.

Yes as it uses local WiFi access.

And this is supposed to be easier than entering an api key? You don’t have to understand that.

Too bad, I thought it could be picked up via

No, that app takes push notifications directly from the hub so no Internet connection is required at it is fast to update. No forecast information is available though.