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Weather Underground PWS app (release version 2.1.17 & test version 3.0.8)

Hi, I dont have a personal weather station so i created a fake station on WU hoping it can be virtual station this way i can pull forecasts into WU homey app and add weather in my flows.
But my station stays offline on WU.
Am i wrong ?

WU requires the weather station to push data to it on a regular basis else it will be marked as offline. So I don’t think your approach will be possible.

Hi @Adrian_Rockall, I have a temperature in the WU Forecast Device, which wasn’t updated since several days. What temperature is it, and why isn’t it updated?

I’m not sure. What is the name tag of it?
Unfortunately my Homey died this morning so I can’t check on mine.

Just “Temperature”. So it seems to be the current temperature.

Oh no!!! :see_no_evil:

New Homey on order but not sure how long it will take to arrive.

Could you send me the log from the Configure App page.

Send you a PM.

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@Adrian_Rockall seems to be fixed with v3.0.7 test version.

Thank you for your efforts and great support!

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@Adrian_Rockall Are you planning a Homey Cloud version of the app as well?

The test version does work on the cloud but not sure if it will ever be allowed in the release channel. The main problem is it requires you to get a key from the WU server which is not currently acceptable for Homey as it is considered to complicated.

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could I use this app w/out having my very own device linked to WU?

No, you need to register a weather station to be able to get the required API key.

makes sense, I’ll see if there’s a cheap one out there

Look on my Misol app topic. It has a link to the Misol hub and a weather station a bit further down. Total price is about £50 and allows local access plus links to WU.

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