Viewing Timeline Events on the Insight graphs

Hey everyone,

Feature request
It would be helpful if we could see timeline events on the insight graphs or a graph of itself. This would make it much easier to find and act on patterns.

I often use the insight graphs to spot patterns for automation, but it’s tough to connect specific events with the changes in the data.

For example, based on an idea I read online, I have a humidity sensor in the bathroom. When the humidity rises quickly, it indicates someone is taking a shower. This sensor helps avoid placing a motion sensor near the shower; instead, the motion sensor covers the rest of the bathroom, mainly the door. These two sensors work together: someone enters the bathroom (motion sensor), then within a time frame, the humidity changes, indicating someone is showering. Later, the motion sensor detects movement again, signaling someone has finished showering.

As I use the “Custom Timeline Event” card in my flows to see when a shower is started and stopped. I’m noticing that events are triggering multiple times (most probably) due to the humidity remaining high after a shower, indicating that my flow isn’t correct yet. However, my main issue is not fixing the flow but rather getting better insights into what is happening and when, in a convenient way.

Don’t use a motion sensor for this but a use Presence sensor.