Unofficial Homey MODS (that can brick your Homey and can/will void your Warranty!)

What CPU temperature do you have in the old and new specs?

In the old spec, I’ve got a staple temperature of ~68c (but under high load higher). After replacing the thermal layer, I’m now at 63-64c. Now waiting for arrival of a bigger heatsink. (I don’t like fans in devices like this). Hoping to get it stable around 60c.


Could you please make some (more) detailed pictures of (all the places of) the screws you need to unscrew etc. Really for the n00b amongst us PLEASE. Thank You.

Also some pictures of the case (parts) open & inside.

How about replacing or modifying the case for some “better” airflow ? Like my still working/ current Homey Pro 2019.

Just some liitle hole’s drilled into the case and my cPU temperature was 6 degrees lower since then.

Printing a top cover that looks like a really big fan with airflow gaps shouldn’t be ghat a problem? OR :person_shrugging:t2:

Just press the bottom rubber with fingers and find 4 holes, where the screws are located.

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Yes, that’s how to open homey.

Inside, you have to make a choice:

  1. Desoldering the carrierboard
  2. Removing the 4 nuts on the heatsink.

I’m expecting the last parts for the cooling upgrade next week. After that, I make a post with more (detailed) pictures.

For now, please note the last update in my post about making backups over USB-C if you have a CM4 module with more than 8GB flash!

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Fan mod in the German forum

Ou, thank you for this note, didn’t realize you have updated it.
And what about cloud backups, they continue to work, or ? Because those are “data” related backups not partition wise…

Btw, my CM4 just crossed boarders still I hope that Athom will fix OOM issues and this will be not really required…

I’m waiting for my second (dev) homey 2023.

As far as I can see, cloud backup (making) is working fine. The question is, how is restoring a backup. For now, I’m working on fixing the last technical issues (temp and flash storage). When I receive my second homey, I hope to test cloud restore on/from a different CM4 module and changing partition size of user partition.


Nice holes in your old homey :+1:

Building a fan in homey is not that difficult. But is not the way I like ( check also slack, there is a smaller top cover with STL file).

  1. I don’t want to put ‘more stress’ on the voltage that will be available for homey itself. (With the power adapter issues). So a fan needs a second power adapter.
  2. I think that a domotica system needs to be silent (no fan) and I don’t want to open it every 2-4 months for dust cleaning.
  3. It is not a problem for a CM4 module to be ‘warm’ but 70c is ‘too hot’ for me. For now, I’ve my focus/hope on a bigger heatsink. There is no airflow and it is a close ‘container’ so I’m expecting just some degrees lower temp. But that is enough for me in combination with the better temp layer. (Target ~60c)

Your Homey system modification could also been seen as similar as a “Hackintosh”.
Using the OS/Software on s system that is not meant to be used by the software developer. :sunglasses:

So my suggestion to name it a “Hackathom” or “Hackomey”. :wink:

And the german Fan mod is very interesting and should have been standard done by Athom also with the Future/Summer Temperatures ahead.
They should have at least connected the system heatsink with a heat pipe to the top lid/cover of it like in some notebooks the plate under the keyboard.

Took some digging around for a in stock and for a “resonable” price tag. I see @Ranney what you mean about hard to get hold of :wink: most sellers dont get new stocks untill beggining of next year.

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Haha, yes. It is not easy to get one of them at the moment. I’m very lucky I’ve found 2 (1 spare) to ‘play’ with. Only place where I stil see them is on Ebay. You can find other versions on Aliexpress. For example, it is not very likely that you use more than 4GB of ram and/or that you can/are going to use the extra flash that is available on the CM4108032. So you can also search for an version with less flash and/or less RAM?

…waiting for delivery of CM41004032 from Ali, I can then share link if it was scam or not :wink:

For the German fan mod

This is a completely crazy idea for a stepless fan control.
Take an 80 mm 12 volt fan, a 12 volt power supply and connect a Shelly RGBW in between. With the dimmer, it should be possible to control the speed continuously by reducing the voltage. In principle, it’s just like dimming a lamp. Homey could adjust the fan speed depending on the temperature, e.g. in 10% steps. I have found a 12 volt fan that starts up at 4.5 volts.
Am I completely wrong with this idea :man_shrugging:?
The big advantage would of course be that apart from removing the top cover, no further modifications would be necessary.

Nice! If you have checked the reviews and pays by creditcard, then te risk is not very high. Hopefully you bought the CM4104032? (One zero less)

I think that this will work. And if the fan-system/flow is failing, than the heatsink itself is still there. Only the IR will be (partly) blocked!

Yep… wrote it in hurry.
Using AliHelper, “trust level 94%”, but you never know :wink:

Motors are inductive devices, which means you run the risk of high voltages being back-fed into the Shelly when you turn off the motor if you’re planning on powering the motor directly from Shelly (at least without adding a flyback diode).

4-wire PC fans have a separate PWM-based speed control wire, but that generally works with 3.3V or 5V I think.

The problem I see is that most fan controllers can only switch on and off. Also, a separate temperature sensor has to be placed on the heat sink, but then it doesn’t measure the core temperature.
In my case, I don’t have to worry about IR as Harmony does that for me. The Shelly switches very quickly and probably reacts faster to a change in core temperature than a sensor mounted on the heat sink.
What can happen? I destroy a Shelly RGBW for 20 €, but Homey nothing happens. If the first attempt goes wrong, I can try a second time with the diode.
I think it comes down to one try :muscle::muscle:.

Please also include a camera in your setup, wouldn’t want to miss The Magic Smoke :joy: :rofl:

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