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Switches and/or dashboards - your experience

I am looking for some “wife friendly” ways to control all my devices (most important are lights and music) and I found several options (i know there are more options, but i do not have any experience with them) ;
I have all three already in my home, some I’ve got some experience with these devices:

  1. Reliable and feel premium. However, Expensive and it is unclear for a new user what each button does before they use the switch. Also they need to be charged once every 3 months (very easy to do).
  2. Unreliable when there are walls between the switch and homey. They also feel really cheap. Also, it is unclear for a new user what each button does before use the switch.
  3. Most expensive, highly customizable and the interface is immediately clear for any user. However, last year the app is not maintained, with (in my opinion) the most annoying bug that it does not refreshes (Hence it is not completely synchronized with the status of all devices, which causes confusion). Lastly, it needs to be charged once every 3 weeks or a dedicated power plug is needed.

I would like to know what you all think;
A) What is your preferred option? (Especially when considering the usage by inexperienced users)
B) Do you have any other switch that are not included, and have any positive experience with?
C) Does anyone know if there are any plans for a homey (tablet) dashboard and maybe when to expect them?

EDIT; added a link for homeyd.ash

I choose 3.