Sonos app is not responding


In the app window, I can see that the sonos-app has a rotating circle on the right-handed side.
When I open the sonos-app and go to the settings, pressing the “update available” button finishes with an error message.
Trying to “uninstall” the app gives the error message “the app could not be uninstalled”.

Has somebody the same problem with the sonos-app?


A buddy of mine experienced the same issue. He contacted Athom and got a reply it was a known issue and that they were working on it. Apparently you can (temporary?) fix the issue by doing the following:

  1. Disable the Sonos app from More > Apps > Sonos > Settings (Gear icon) > Toggle ‘Enabled’ to left. Doing this will give a ‘Timed out’ error, don’t worry about that.
  2. Restart Homey by going to More > Settings > General > Restart Homey
  3. After Homey has restarted, uninstall the Sonos app by going to More > Apps > Sonos > Settings (Gear icon) > Uninstall
  4. Or: if it shows ‘Update available’, you can also update the Sonos app by tapping that button without losing your devices.

That worked, thanks.

But now the next question. I have the Sonos-app installed, but how do I do to use it?
I don’t find any settings to “import” my sonos-zones into Homey, and I don’t see any cards from Sonos when trying to make a flow.

Any idea what I am missing?

The adding of the speakers part?

Jepp. How can I do this?

Add device, choose Sonos