Select you own icon for a device

+1 for custom icons

Doing a long time already😜

+1 for custom icons :slightly_smiling_face:

+1 waiting👀

Cant we just use the LIKE button if we agreed with the suggestion?

All the +1 isnt making the topic/discussions very readable @Dijker


I totally approve !!
I have already made the request several times. It should be possible to choose the icon in two states (ON or OFF), this would allow the icon to be colored when it’s active (like homekit or smartthings).
For me this is an essential feature because most of the time it doesn’t make sense to have the sensor icon!



+1 for custom icons!

+1 for me as well

Yeah! +1

But in my opinion Athom should offer few good looking icons per device type. It would result a very clean look.

Current device icons could be kept and moved under settings, to show the icon of a module for example if we search something.

But definitely. Qubino, Fibaro and other icons tell nothing to people who just want to use this system. My wife for example… so it’s not user friendly anymore.

Actually this well defined GUI becoming a mess because of the very different quality of the icons.

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Exactly that is the point, would be delighted to have this solved this, too.

These were created for my group app, but would meet that need for ‘general icons’.


New user here, and currently installing my KAKU devices. Really sorry to now see an ugly ‘inbouw dimmer’ icon for a ‘light’ switch/button.

Living the dream. At last, with the latest test app, various icons can be selected. :muscle:
Cheers for that.


For all those who haven’t installed the beta app, here is an example (in German language)

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Yes, the new feature with selectable icons is great.
Now, let’s bring it to the next level: Create our own.

The new icons are great but i am missing a lot of them. (and why 3 plant icons?)
I would be great if we can make our own and upload them to Homey.
I see a app which shows a grid with the size and resolution of the icon.
In that grid you can just set each pixel on or off (black or white).
When finished upload it to Homey and make ik selectable.

Just a brainfart, but a nice one for me :wink:


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The device icons are SVG files (vector oriented drawings).
But a good example is the VirtualDevices app, where you can upload your own icon while adding a device.


Here are some nice icons

I like the style of the homey Icons, but at this moment there are no garden icons such as sprinklers and drip hoses

Not even doors, windows, gates. Lots of stuff missing. Ther is no mobile phone, but iPod is exists… weird. Anyway, I believe more icons will arrive once.