Select you own icon for a device

It would be a great feature to be able to select your own icon for a device. Especially for switches, sockets, sensors, etc. it would help a lot to be able to select an icon from a library to show a visual that displays the attached device/appliance or for instance a door or a window.

This would, in my opinion, improve the usability of the app’s a lot as you don’t have to read, but in a room of the house you have an immediate visual display if the items connected and available. Especially for receivers and senders that are mounted behind lights and switches and plug in sockets the current icon that is displayed doesn’t improve usability.



Since Athom is reading along, hopefully the request will be added on their list.

But I do not know if it is technically possible. Perhaps an app developer could comment this.
I also don’t know if it is wanted. Some apps are programmed by the device companies, like the Aeotec app. I can’t imagine that Aeotec would agree that their own icons being replaced by other icons.

Filed an ER in the past for this too.
I would really like to see 2 things actually.

  1. The ability to update a devices icon from within the app code without the need to repair for updating the icon address/location.
  2. The end user option to override the icon with a custom one per device.

So yeah, let’s hope we will get such some time. Would be neat.


From Germany another agree :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Or do they read along? This one is getting close to 2 years now.
Maybe it needs 15 years like a good old scotch for Athom to react.


Yes, they do. Have a look in the linked thread, this is an actually information from @Dijker.
I just shared the information, that’s all I can say about it.

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Wow! That’s great news m8! Thanks for sharing. :jack_o_lantern:

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A other agree here…
Would like custom icons!
Why should a smart plug display an icon of this plug when (i.e.) a lamp, heater of washing machine is plugged in?


+1 for custom icons

Me too




You mean the icons of the tiles in the devices tab?
Totally agree. Some icons are ugly, some detailed, some abstract.
Loading an png would be very awesome. I could download everything from Material Design Icons.

I also like to add that it would be very nice to add a value in the upper right corner. Lights have their color, on/off sensor have an exclamation mark and a thermostat has it’s set (?) temperature.
But way not add a choice? Also other sensors could display temperature, humidity (or CO2 or dB or whatever sensor you have).

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Please create a new thread with your wishes. How should Athom or one of the moderators keep the ideas and suggestions apart if different suggestions are discussed in one thread?

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I understand your point of view, but that will result in many topics with slightly the same ideas or subjects.

In my opinion, they are two completely different requirements.

That was just good meant advice. But it’s your decision… :man_shrugging:t3:

if @Renzo think his idea just belongs to the same starting topic he ist right to post it here. also i can unerstand @fantross that it could be another new topic because this wish came up several times in the past as a own topic. both ideas want to adjust the device tile.

so yes both of you are right. :wink: i think we can let the idea of @Renzo here.

so long :wink:

I’d love that! I’d like to be able to pick an icon from a library in an easy way.
Also it would be awesome if I could pick a color for a specific tile, or for a set of similar device tiles.
Tia and cheers!

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Technically you could use the group app and create a group with a single item - then use its icon library to choose the icon you want …