Roborock s60 vaccum, what can i do with homey?

Does anyone know how and what it control the robock s60 from homey?
Im planing on buy one and i wanted to know how can i use it from homy

according this the s60 isnt supported. So i would first check with the develepor if its even possible to add the device into the app

according this i think it is…
no ?

If S6 is equal to S60 it might. But i see a difference of 1 number…

I think its the same model…

Since you want to buy one i think you know best?

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I think it is… xiaomi uses the last digit for color.


S50 is a white s5
S51 is a rose white s5
S55 is a black s5

Probably the same for s6

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So if it is working
U know what type of control i get from using homey with it?

If it’s the same for s5…

Turned on
Turned off
Status change
Status changed to…
Battery level changed

Is on
Is doing…

Turn on
Turn off
Toggle on/off
Start cleaning
Start spot cleaning
Back to docking station
Locate the robot
Adjust suction power
Clean zone
Go to target

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There is a lot of “maybe”, “i think”, “is it?” and other assumptions here. And we all know they are the mother of all *-ups…

Thank you for your positive constructive contribution to this topic.

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Thank u all :slight_smile:

What should i have done? Say “Yes” and then after buying he comes to the conclusion it isn’t? Asking the same question without contacting the developer as advised in the 1st reply will never result in a conclusive answer.`

But apparently you are 100% sure it will work so he doesn’t spend money for something that won’t work?

Ofcourse don’t say yes and I never said it will 100% work. You’re making things up to stir the conversation.

But besides the answer “ask the developer” which is correct, i can supply some additional information on how it worked on older versions. If that is not enough certainty for some one that’s OK.

Whatever dude. Who’s stirring up? Who starts a personal attack? Did i?
Getting very tired with this kind of bs.