Really bad product ! How long is Beta going to last?

Why is my Homey bridge falling out from network several times a week ? Why apps suddenly unavailable and I have to reinstnall all the time.
I’ve never encountered a more unstable product and have to advace any I know and read not to buy this product. I’ve had it a long time and still a Beta…

Do you really want an answer or is this just informative complaining?
If you want an answer, then please contact Athom support directly.
This is just a user community, consisting of users like yourself…

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The above ^

your wifi AND internet connection is a 100% OK and a 100% up?

What kind of tests did you run to filter out the problem is with the bridge?

Apps are not installed on the bridge btw, but on Homey (cloud) app.
So, show the graphs and let’s see (I’m not saying Homey cloud/bridge is error free, but I’m just curious how you concluded that).

Sorry for first mail, was so frustrated. Wifi and Internet more than ok.
Now my AquaraXiaomi Zigbree stopped to work again.
I’m just so tired of alway have to remove and re-install.
And now I have seconds delay before movement registrated to my lights go on etc. All is slow.

I’m used with Ubunty, RasperryPi and Domoticz, so this is a way step downvards for me.


Everyone could have told you that up front: a cloud-based home automation platform will always be worse than a local solution in terms of delays and latency. And Homey Cloud specifically is artificially limited in functionality because Athom doesn’t allow a lot of apps to run on it. It’s just a very entry-level product (hence the low price).

Ok.Thanks for information. If anybody needs a Home Bridge they can message meg and I can sell cheap.