Philips TV Testing

Can you put the app on the homey community store ?

I created a pull request for the app writer. I hope he’ll release it as an update to the Athom store.
I’d rather not have two branches of the app available concurrently.

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I see it thank you

One issue I’m having with the app that was working when I just installed it is that flows don’t trigger anymore when I use my remote control to control the tv. When I turn my tv off with the remote control, flows with trigger “philips tv turned off” is no longer triggered, while homekit does detect the tv was turned off.

[edit] after restarting the app everything is back to normal, flows are working again

[edit2] it happened again and now I’ve installed flow that restarts the app every night

@Joolee great to see you made this update to make it work :slight_smile:
Now hoping that @lucasvdh will officially merge your updates into his apps.
For now I installed it via WSL.

Are there any updates ???

Thanks to @Joolee there’s now a new test version with major performance improvements and multiple fixes.

Install the test version at:

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thanks for the update. I will try again. Maybe get it now working.

@lucasvdh great to see you are still here and still maintaining this App.
Thanks for the update!

Still having issues that the app is not updating

Nu tv is off but in homey my tv is on

I have testing this new version. But no resultat its the same error message. Error pincode.

It works like a charm here the new version

It’s hard to debug this without having access to the TV but having debug logs would be a start. This would require you to run the app manually (see my previous post). You can also submit a diagnostics report through the app which would go to @lucasvdh

That is not something I touched in my update but It would have been nice if it had been fixed with the changes in the HTTP Request code.

Do you know what TV you have and can you reach the API on:
https://<TV IP>:1926/6/system ?

@lucasvdh here is my diagnostic rapport


The TV can be found via the address you gave. It is a Philips android TV from 2018. It is also strange that I cannot find permissions anywhere in the menus.