Philips HUE Bridge add to Homey and import bulbs


I am new to Homey and in the process of adding all my devices to it. I encountered some problems but most of them I can solve on my own. My biggest problem is to add the Philips Hue bridge and all attached bulbs (Philips and Ikea Tradfre) to the Homey. I cannot find the bridge in the Philips Hue app nor in the Philips zigbee app. I want all the bulbs to be available in homey but also via the philips bridge as I use other products that can only connect to the bridge. Further I have all the lamps already connected through the bridge and dont want to go through the process of connecting them again.

Please let me know how to import all the bulbs (and if possible all the accessoires) as well.

The bridge doesn’t show up. Go to devices, ad a device, choose your app and you get noticed which bridge has been discovered. After that you get the bulbs you want

Edit: you first have to chose the sort off device you want to add.

Thanx for the reply, however I dont understand what you mean.
In homey app in android I go to apparaten, then I click the little + sign at the top right, It asks me to Chose a brand, I go to search at the bottom and philips hue. Then it says chose a device. I have the choice of sensor, dimmer switch, lamp, plug, or tap. So where is the bridge?

Than Klick on the device witch you want add to homey and follow the screen instruction.

thanx Osorkon. I now have the lamps imported. Too bad there is no manual.

Anyone cares to explain me how to import the hue bridge routines?

You cannot import bridge routines. You however can make flows that behave like the bridge routines

What did you mean with routines?

Are you talking about scenes?

All scenes you created with the hue bridge you can use in flows.

In the then part choose the Hue app

I think he means this. These routines can be made in Homey flows

Thats right i think they call it scenes in the english hue app

Just another question - really sorry but it is due to total lack of any documentation or manuals -
How can i group different lamps together so for instance 3 spots to switch them on / off together?

You have different options. You can use devices
or you can set at the IF part the LOGIC card exactly. At the exactly section fill in the room where the bulbs are.
Or you can use the Group app from Jamie Peake in the appstore.

If you connected the lights with the hue bridge.
I would prefer to group the lights in the hue app.
Then you can add the light group as an single light through the hue app to homey.

Can you actually do that now? I can’t find a way

thanks for the info. It is really to bad as now i have to start all over programming everything

Thanks for the response. I think I stick with the Group app, however disadvantage of all these options is the inability to set the dim percentage. The lights will therefor be at the dim state they were when last turned on by the hue bridge, in fact it is only half of the solution I am looking for.

There are possibilities, you just have to find which suit you the most. This THEN part is example for my livingroom

You have to take your time for Homey, it is not an out off the box working device. If you do not invest in Homey it probably will not work the way you want.

How do you get the lights and plugs show from the hue bridge to show up in homey? I’ve added new plugs to the bridge but can’t see them in homey


At the top off this topic the answer is there

If you need documentation and manuals, you’re not ready for home automation, even less for Homey :wink: This forum IS the documentation :stuck_out_tongue: