Philips hue app

Hello im new here i got a homey pro and bought a couple of hue dimmers v3 didnt manage too add them too homey so i bought the hue bridge too use the hue app that needs the bridge couse i thought it was better as it had better rating then the hue app without the bridge

Now too the problem when i try too add a hue light or a dimmer switch too the “bridge app” it just says “follow the instructions” then it rapitdly blinks through a couple of pages that goes so fast that i cant read them then it stopps on “no new units have been found” and nothing happens

The orginal hue app on my phone works fine have 2 dimmer and one light installed

When i search on google and youtube i find that when i add a light in homey with the hue app im supposed too get instruction too add the bridge and then import the light too homey but as i explained earlier thats not at all what happens too me

Anyone have any suggestions?
English is not my nativ language so sorry for the rambleing

Managed too fix it on my own by logging in too homey webb app and it all worked great from there so i guess this is an android app bugg

I have the exact same issue. Just got my Pro and tøying to add Hue to Homey Pro and get the same issue as described. I did try to add by logging into the homey web app u-sving chrome but with the same result. I have 2 Hue bridges and a bunch of lights, sensors and dimmer switches. I have already tested the Beta for the Homey Bridge (without the bridge itself) and here I can add all of my lights on my main Hue bridge but the difference here is that I actuallly get to log on to my Hue account which I can not do with my Pro including «skipping» the push the Bridge button… What kind of browser did you use?

Re-connected my Pro to my Google mesh network and everything worked as it should