Official Ring app

According to the Athom mailing they are developing an official app together with Ring. Strange enough “nobody” at Ring knows anything about this… :eyes:

Although the current Ring app works most of the time I have an IFTTT flow for when somebody is ringing, failed 0 times since I’ve created that. Let’s hope they really are creating an official app…

So you know every person at Ring?
Could it possibly be that it’s the same as with Athom’s Support? Erik and Bas definitely don’t know everything what happens in the background either.

True that. That’s why I’m hoping :upside_down_face:

Cross my fingers for you…

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@DidierVU, just for info, saw it on Slack. But no response from Athom until now.


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I suggest all Ring users send an e-mail to Ring asking where the Homey app is :stuck_out_tongue:

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