New Sonos app coming

With app version 4.0.13 we was allowed to send a soundboard sound to every speaker!
With app version 5.0.12 this is only allowed to a select group of speakers!
In app version 5.0.14 it states: “All Sonos S2 speakers are supported.”
So, does this mean that all speakers attached to the S1 app will be out of order?
And we just blame it on the new Sonos API?

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My S1 system works still well with the new 5.0.14 version :wink:

A problem could be a mixed S1/S2 system because of the multiple network?

Athoms comment “All Sonos S2 speakers are supported.” is interpretable:

a) they want to say yes ALL S2 speakers work with this app

b) they don’t say that S1 will not work

As always, we have to check it out.

Just untill u wanna add another speaker. Taken u had the speakers connected and upgraded the app then there is no problem. When u delete a speaker and re-add it u will loose some functions for sure!
Just the speakers added to the S2 app will have those functions.

Your right, I know that but your initial post sounds for me as the S1 series wouldn’t work any more with the new app release.

It’s all about speakers added to the S1 app. My playbar cannot join groups for example when newly added to the 5.0.14 Homey app. Also cannot play Sonos favorites anymore. Unless i add it to the S2 app and re-add. And a Playbar is not S1 series aye?

I recogized in version 5.0.12 that I can’t play sounds via soundboard any more. But I’m not sure who is to blame, athom or sonos.

Maybe you can check this with the node-sonos-http-api:

I would do it but I don’t own a playbar.

Am using that alr. That is not finding all my speakers for now btw. But why we wanna force peeps to get the speakers in the new app and disable functions when ur not? Are they getting payed by Sonos for it? Or is it the Apple way of thinking by one of the CEO’s of Athom? Why u wanna make this so hard on ur users?

I have both S1 and S2 in my home. I upgraded my S1 to S2 and then created a new S1 system of the legacy speakers. All under the same login name. Now I cannot add my S1 speaker again.Why? I don’t mind if i could not group but would like it in flows as a stand-alone speaker

What Homey version?
What Sonos app version?
What speakers?

Sonos app V6.1.1
Homey 6.0.0
Speaker is Sonos Play 5 gen 1 on S1 and Bridge (also tried without bridge)

Ok. I have 6.0.9 on 6.0.0 and a Play5 gen1 attached. Not gonna try to update the app tho, sorry.
Ah well, what the heck. Did update the app to 6.1.1, deleted the Play5 and added it again. Works for me.

Tried just now again and it found the speaker!

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Hi! Does anyone know when/if there will be inclusion of a “clear queue” command?

Hi, I have a problem with playing the playlist action card. I can see my liked playlist coming from Sonos and select these. If the action is triggered it gives the error message that the source is not found. Although the volume actions are executed and in Homey you can pause, adjust volume and play next. Could anyone help here?

Maybe there’s a working solution in this thread: