Missing or wrong "things" in the Qubino app

I also have the 3-phase meter and currently the only usage I have is to see the power usage since reset.
What I requested almost 1 year ago was the possibility to automate through flows that for example:
Every first/last day of the month at 23:59/00:00
export total power consumption and send e-mail to xxxxx with the exported data
then reset the total meter

For now I manually take a print screen and then reset it every month.

I would argue that your wanted use case has nothing to do with the Qubino app.
To log or export data there are other apps like Archive Insights, Simple LOG or PaperTrails Logbook. As far as I know, you can also send emails with PaperTrails.
With the app Email sender you can send Gmail emails with corresponding content.
With on-board tools it is at least possible to generate a timeline entry or to send the values via push message. So it is quite possible to automate what you want.
But as this is off-topic, I recommend to open a new thread.

Flush Relay not reporting Energy (kWh), but is reporting Power (W).

I have a ZMNHAD1 which is only reporting the current power in W, but not accumulating the Energy in kWh.
Any idea why this can be, and how I can resolve it?

It hasn’t updated any data since 7 days ago…

Hi @QubinoHelp,

Could you also have a look at the Luxy light (ZMNHQD)?
This is not available anymore in the Qubino app, it was there it is also mentioned in the change log. Now its not possible to add the Luxy light. Thanks!

Hi @QubinoHelp I would like to report a “bug” I’ve added the (ZMNHXD) 3 Phase Smart Meter several times now, when I move the Homey Bridge (e.g. power it off and power it on again) in close proximity of all my nice Qubino things to add them to the Homey Bridge, the 3 Phase Smart Meter disappears and I have to add it all over again, all other devices are still listed in Homey Bridge.

Additionally, for other users, if you would like to get frequently updates on power usage from the 3 Phase Smart Meter (ZMNHXD), you should change the advanced settings and tell the thing to report power changes of 1% and report power every 5 seconds and voltage/current every 10 seconds, worked well for me, I need this to power down IR heating when a phase is going over 25A otherwise it will blow my fuses :wink: