Missing or wrong "things" in the Qubino app

It isn’t the app that forces the unsecure inclusion, it is Homey itself since firmware v7, as there were many people with communication issues of devices included on S0.

So, @smeula icluded the remote before v7?

@smeula what kind of remote do you use. Some devices has the capability to set up how the communication (associations) between devices works, secure or not secure.

Yes I included the remote before v7, same for the other devices that the remote controls

It’s a robb smarrt 4 channel remote

Maybe easiest is to change the remote? What remotes support both secure and unsecure configurations simulateously?

The easiest way would be to re pair your existing one or at minimum the cheapest one.

Is it also the case then that following fm v7 any new device I add in future will also be added unsecure, ie homey has basically dropped support for S0 then? Pretty inconsiderate move, requires us all to re-pair devices that may be hard to access ….

As @Caseda already wrote, S0 devices are forced for unsecure inclusion.
But with FW v7 the security standard S2 (Unauthenticated / Authenticated (with PIN)) was released. Devices that support S2 are now also included as S2, which was not the case before.
With the already mentioned app UnZ-Cure from the Community App Store, it is possible to ignore the S2 standard and include S2 devices unsecure.

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Do you have news about ZMNHJD integration ?

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