Miele / Miel@home support?


I have lot of miele appliances (well, 5), all of them using miele@home (https://www.miele.com/en/com/mielehome-5235.htm) and the miele@mobile to control them all.

There is an API : https://www.miele.com/developer/
There is an binding for OpenHab : https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/miele/

But I can’t find an app for Homey to add my oven of washing machine to Homey.

I don’t have any gateway, all my miele devices are connected through wifi.

Any chance to have a app for Homey ? I really want to launch my dishwasher when someone rings on my doorbell.



If there is no app then kindly ask in the appropriate topic

Build a app yourself, if you having the skils ofcourse. Otherwise as mentiond above make a request Here

if i remen=ber right there used to be a miele app, i now have also a mile wasmachine with app control

do you already have Miele working in your homey?