Knmi (Dutch weather, for Homey firmware v5 or above)

(Kopie issue op Git)
Homey v7.4.1
Knmi v0.1.15

Hallo Jonathan,

Het weeralarm geeft bij mij een nummer i.p.v. de code kleur (“code Oranje”).
Is dat ‘as designed’ of is er iets veranderd in de API misschien?

Deze flow bijv. werkt dan niet

Alvast mijn dank,

Knmi app is not updating correctly recently.

Especially the expected numbers are off.
Expected temp for today is 28 for example but last updated yesterday . Today max should be 17

“Zonsopkomst” updated 7 days ago

CURRENT values are updating without a problem.

I see the same issue. Have had it a few times before.

So I have added knmi as a device. Some parameters are updates, some are not. Doing a manual pull of data using the same API and location gives different data (so parameters changed but are not visible in knmi device)

Below a picture of the device parameters e.g. max temp today, d0tmax in the web pull.

Update: a manual update in a flow does update all parameters.


And what happens when you restart the app (restarting the app also triggers re-fetching all data).
If this issue persists I will need to add some more debugging logs for this case before I can determine why this could be.

There was a change I think. At the moment this field is a boolean, either there is an alarm or there is not. No more information from the current value, either 0 or 1.
The api now also has a descriptive field of that alarm that does not make part of this app yet, so I will need to update the app to include alarm description.

For the other mentioned issue I will be adding additional logs for all received data and wether or not that data has changed or not with current and new values, so that I may see why values are not updated.

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Not sure which parameters should be updated after restart of the app, but here the result



I do not believe these screenshots help. Parameter such as sunup do not change every day, neither the wind force / “windkracht”. But as stated earlier I have seen the behaviour not updating the “max temp today” before.

If the max temp today of yesterday is the same temperature as yesterday, then it will not show as updated, that is normal and expected behavior.
If it should have updated due to actually changed data but it does not, then you can try and restart the app to trigger a new updating of values, do they then get updated or does the problem persist after an app restart?

I will check if restarting helps when this occurs again. But upto now it seems rather random behavior to me.

Understood that a value needs to change in order to “update” the value. That’s also why I am saying that the provided screenshots will not help.

My screens will automatically go down with a certain max temperature and chance on sun that specific day. I see sometimes that these values are not updated when they should. (Mostly i am triggered when the screens goes down while the temperature I way below threshold or screens will not go down while temperature is above threshold).


Hi johan

Today max temp by the app is 30 degrees ( it actually is 22 for nieuw vennep / Beinsdorp !! )

Its not updating . See below. I did a app restart and stayed 30 … i updated to 7.4.2 just five mins ago ( so reboot ) … and still 30 after the update. So restarting is NOT forcing updating data

Expected weerbeeld is not updated for 4 days also as an example. But everything not “expected” is updated

See screenshot