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[HOW TO] Testing a Flow

A lot of questions on this forum, are about why the flow they created dont work.

Most of us know that it can a pain in the ass, to find the reasson why the flow wont work… and for sure when you a new user and stil learning.

Basically there can be a 1000 reassons, there for its important to get a idea where to look, where does it gone wrong.

There for homey has in the flow section a test button.

When you have maked your flow and you hit this button, it replacing your TRIGGER (the WHEN part)
so its testing your AND, OR, THEN and ELSE cards. Sometimes it asking to fill in a value (for example when using a card Temparture has changed).

This is a easy way to see the problem is … your FLOW or your TRIGGER card. So when testing and the flow does work… you have to find your sollution in your TRIGGER . If the test doesnt work, you have to look at the other parts of your flow.

There for you have to look at the GREEN AND RED EXPLANATION MARK

In this example in the AND part you see that the first card is green so thats good, the second card is RED so now we know the flow isnt working because that second card is red. So we need to find out why that card isnt working.

Ofcourse, when using also ELSE in this case the ELSE part would be triggerd.

Its just a guidline to see in wich part of the flow or in wich card you have to look to find out where the problem is. Ofcourse it wont find always a sollution to your problem, but it makes it easier to point you in the right direction.


On the contrary. I think you are very helpful, not a pain… :stuck_out_tongue:

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For additional debug options, install Papertrails, it has also a flow card you can place in the if section, before decisions are made and log to a logging.

Especially if a lot is happening, notifications will keep the sound of your phone on, if notifications are used :wink:

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Just wondering, if i use the ELSE to reactivate my flow after 10 minutes, will it also override the WHEN part?

I have a flow that opens my blinds, when someone has waken up, AND nobody is asleep. Now it has frozen i added the temperature should be higher then 2 °C, but i would like that when its safe to open they open automaticly

This topic was and is only intended to explane how to test a flow.

As stated above, the test option replacing the when part (trigger) and testing the rest of the flow including the else if in use.

So if having questions why a specific flow wont work, please make a topic for that on the forum.