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How to contact Fakro app developer

Does anyone know how to get in touch with the developer of the Fakro app?

The link in the app page seems to be broken
(Fakro App for Homey | Homey 2)

I’m trying to work out how to add their z-wave windows and blinds to Homey, but still have the remote controls/wall switches work (which by default seem to use their own local z-wave network)

Cross posted, but likely lost, [here]

For me the link works, it’s an email address:

Thanks, my browser didn’t recognise that as a viable mailto link. I’ll try pasting into the address box

My solution didn’t work? I know for sure that it works with the remote I mentioned.

The developer is Fakro itself, the company. They are having problems with their developer so it’s on hold for now. But, it has their attention and they promised to stay on top of it.

Edit: I see that wasn’t you. Sorry. But check this;

@Martijn_C Thanks for pointing me to the similar recent discussion. As you’re probably familiar, the z-wave manuals that Fakro produces won’t win any awards for intelligibility. With the ZWP10 remotes I can see the word secondary a few times in the manual and will use trial and error to see if I can re add it.

In the meantime the first issue is that the window chain controller isn’t recognised by the app. It says…

After that, it loads with a power button and a dimmer. In the app, sliding the dimmer up (by any amount) starts the window opening, but can’t be stopped, except by the power off button, etc.

Was hoping to get a response from the email address that Dirk pointed out, even thought Fakro is Polish, not Dutch, but the news in your post makes me less optimistic…

Yeah, I know. It’s not very clear and they are working on that. Fakro is Polish but their Dutch team is working on the app.

The fact that de motor can’t be connected as a full device is probably because of the product ID that hasn’t been added yet. I had that too before, but it worked when they added it. I don’t know if that email address works, but you can request them to add the product ID / model number.

I’m gonna ask them for an update again tomorrow. And I’ll tell them to look here.

Many thanks,
I have

FTP-V Z-Wave Window - came with ZWP10 remote
FTU-V Z-Wave Window - came with ZWP10 remote
Many ARZ - ZWave blinds
ZWG3 wall switch for blinds and window

For your information, your remote can’t be used with your windows if they are connected to Homey and vice versa.
If you want to be able to still use a remote if the windows are connected then you have to use a ZRH12 remote.

Thanks for your reply.

Why is that?

If that’s the case, then the Homey loses. (I’m not paying another £100+ for each of the 3 remotes and binning the ones that came with the windows)

It’s a work around but I have programmed one of my wall switches to open/close the window and blinds.

You do not have to buy three new ones.
You can always use wallswitches or other switches that work with homey to trigger your windows/shades etc.
And they can be a lot cheaper!

That’s why i started with fyi.

Hi - Are in touch with them? I never had a reply to my email to the address in the mailto link in the app page: homeyapp+fakro@305.nl

Yeah, but they said they are reading the forum.

OK then:

Dear un-named developer from the NL Fakro team,

Please can you:

  1. fix the window chain controller said to be compatible so that it works with windows that have it pre-installed, such as FTP-V Z-Wave Window, FTU-V Z-Wave Window

  2. make the app work with ZWP10 remote, ZWG3 wall switch for blinds and window as secondary controllers.

  3. acknowledge at least receipt of and understanding of the request

Thank you