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You can use the Logic cards to calculate a numeric value. So do something like this:

IF: temperature changed in zone 1

  • Calculate a numeric value , set a logic variable zone2-temp to: {{zone1-1}}
  • Set temperature in zone2 to variable zone2-temp ( do this with a delay of 2-3 seconds to make sure the new numeric value has been calculated ).

Thanks, that sounds interesting. I will start by reading the logic cards tutorial.

That works like a charm.

Will this app come available for Homey Bridge anytime soon?

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Hi I have a question. I am using evohome and it works like a charm. Now I have added a second location to my account but I cannot add them to homey. So basically I have two separate evohome systems connected to the same account, but homey only lets me add one of the locations. Can this be fixed somehow?

Yes, please tell us when.

I would be interested to know if Homey (cloud / bridge) support is planned as well.

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