Homey V5 (Discussion about v5 before it was released to stable)

Thing is, most apps that still use SDKv1 have been abondend, so even if it reaches stable, these apps most likely won’t be updated.
But there does need to be a line when to stop supporting the old, and that line is now for SDKv1, and has been warned about ever since SDKv2 was released 1,5 years(?) ago but indeed they didn’t mention this.

Not exactly; Athom warned about the Zigbee related apps that will not work, even with a specific list of apps (outdated by now).

They didn’t mention the SDK1 apps will not be working, like the Zwave.me app:

Some devices of the following Homey Apps might not be available when we rollout Homey v5.0.0:

  • HomeControl Zigbee
  • Axis Gear
  • Aqara & Xiaomi ZigBee
  • EcoDim
  • Develco Products
  • FeiBit
  • Tuya Zigbee
  • Schneider Electric Wiser
  • INNR Lighting Devices
  • Plugwise Zigbee Support
  • Ubisys SmartHome ZigBee Devices
  • Isolicht / HOMA
  • Bitron
  • Malmbergs (Zigbee)
  • Gledopto and Tint lights and LED Controllers (ZigBee)
  • ELKO Smart Home
  • Philips Hue ZigBee
  • EasyHome
  • SLC SmartOne
  • iCasa
  • ROBB smarrt

If you are highly dependent on one of those apps, we suggest you disable experimental updates at https://developer.athom.com/tools/settings.


they did. that is written in the release note. but you are right, they could have put this in the warning mail

I didnot update, but it would be very disappointing if sdk1 apps will not working with v5 for lots of people!

You as zwave developer interested in rewrite the app?:wink:

A warning that Zwave and other apps no longer work would have saved me from damage. I lost the LaMetric app and the developer doesn’t respond. I will probably go back to 4.2 because I have not yet found a single improvement or advantage in 5.0.


Hi ! How do you roll back to 4.2 ?

BR Dario

Thank you for instruction. I tryed many times before figured out what to do. There is one frustating step that is unclear on step 2. Before connecting to Homey temporary wifi access SSID you need to be connected to home wifi and then hitt setup.athom.com , after language selection, selection in my case “continue with browser” and last step connect to Homey temporary SSID.
I made factory reset without subscription and now LED ring is green and no Homey SSID available yet, will wait for some time.
Thanks and BR Dario

I made full factory reset but it loads back V5.0.xx, locks like it is not possible to revert to V 4.2 in easy way .

Undertaker did you manage to load back v 4.2 ?

have you tried this yet?

Mayby first switch off experimental updates?

Hi! I was doing it that way you describe but it loads V 5.0.XX

Is there any other places except Homey developer place i can tick off Experimental updates?
When i was performed restore to factory default with do not keep settings i get back V 5.0.xx
BR Dario

I guess not.

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No experience myself, as I am still on v4.2.0 luckily, but for those trying to roll back, see:

This the one an only place where to disable Experimental Updates: (and it works for me)

Thanks this method work. Where , how did you found this method ??? This should be good for other user to read if they want to revert back to 4.2.
What i done whith your help:
1.After connecting to wifi , emediatly i was pressing ALT when update checking was ongoing. PS do not release ALT key otherwise it will continue with setup.
When i hold ALT i get these alternatives for selection:

Still i was holding ALT key and selected with mouse Revert to stable channel, still ALT hold and press enter.
After that load with new software started and i successfuly get back old firmware.
Forget to mention that i lose all settings.
Thanks for help. This make my day Happy


Have absolutely no problems with Homey 5.0 rc18, except for Vision security, Aqara and LaMetric. That only because they still havent upgraded for SDK3, but that is around the corner.

In fact, Homey has never been more stable than now with the rewrite, zigbee is a dream, its fast and its reliable, its a new Homey!