Homey Sonos App seems to be broken after sonos update 80.x.x

Hi all,

After the sonos update to build 80.x.x I have some serious problems controlling Sonos devices with homey. Filed an incident, support told me to reinstall everything up to removing and reading sonos devices in the sonos app - but this does not solve the problem. I’ve send additional information to support. I was wondering if somebody else is also experiencing the same problems.

I have the following sonos devices : Play:1, Play 5(gen2), Symfonisk Shelf.
All software is updated to latest version - Sonos : S2, 80.02.04, sonos homey app 6.2.5

The problems I’m experiencing

  1. Reinstalling the sonos app on homey without a reboot : no devices are showing. After restarting homey and re-installing the homey app, the sonos devices are shown and added.
  2. I am receiving random “GATEWAY ERROR TIMEOUT or TIMEOUT ERROR” errors if pausing, starting browsing playlists in advanced flows and more. Controlling sonos via Homey is unreliable, response times up to seconds.
  3. the now playing information for radio tune in stations is not shown (while the sonos app is showing the information)
  4. If for example a sonos radio station is started by the sonos app, homey does not recognize that the sonos device is playing
  5. Same for alarms set in sonos app triggering playing a radio station. Homey is nog recognizing that the sonos device is playing. Sometimes homey randomly detects it is playing after 10-15 minutes. Triggers based on sonos device is playing do no longer work.

Reinstalling is cumbersome as a lot of flows need to be adjusted each time a reinstall is required.
Did some testing with home assistant as well : the response times in Home assistant are without any delay, the now playing information is shown correctly. Also - if you stop playing in the sonos app, home assistant will instantly recognize the event. So I guess it is really a problem with the homey sonos app.

Addition : Now added sonos via homey home assistant community app to homey. This works perfectly and better than the native homey sonos app. Controlling playlist/favs is bit more complex to configure but do-able :wink:

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