Homey Pro Backups (formerly Homey+) subscription

That looks a bit more expensive to me🤔


Yearh, a wee bit more, although I consider the Homey a sunk cost

:neutral_face: of which I might recover something of by selling it as secondhand.
However, I am seriously considering the fact of repurposing my old RaspBerry, toss in a bit of Hass.io use a week or so to move all Z-Wave devices and rewrite all my flows … gaining so much control over my Hue that I in fact will be able to react on events like a physical light switch be turning on a hue bulb … the ability to detect people in my household (and part of my family sharing experience - iOS) going away / coming home (ie. no more app requirements) … insights not store in a cloud … a fairly good GUI with scripting capabilities that can be used from a PC / Mac … backup(!) … In my optics, this latest development is really going to sweeten the blow, and Athom will have one more disappointed former customer ¯\(ツ)

Just as a small rectification,
insights are not stored in the cloud but on your Homey, locally.
Until cloud backups are there, nothing in terms of information is stored in the cloud.

And Homey script can also be written on your PC and/or MAC

Hue bulbs, in terms of meshes, it is bad to turn off the power any way, but that is just my opinion.


I stand corrected
a) insights are accessible (through browser - not part of visualization in app) when in island mode
b) fair point
c) yearh, would be nice if the family would adhere to that. However, in my case it would be neat to be able to trigger hues to turn on when someone changes the state to on of a specific bulb (including power on) - and even to see the state of a bulb being physically turned off.

However, my point above was that this latest development will easily be the last nail in the coffin of Homey for me. I’ve been waiting for a simple backup solution for so long and now it turns out to be something I only get if I pay for a copy of something I wrote (my flows)? Just imagine if your firewall / Wi-Fi had the same ‘feature’ requiring you to pay for backup?
Fair enough if someone wants the one-click-we-backup-and-restore-for-you option. Eur10 per year would not be a big deal there. However, I already paid big bucks for this sphere. I do not need the bells and whistles, just a simple ‘download’ / ‘upload’ feature accessible from a browser.Is that to much to ask for?


Ok, to summarize and go back on-topic.

  • You don’t like a subscription model for your Homey.
  • You don’t like the Cloud (backup) solution.
  • You have many other griefs about the solution Athom chooses. (as written here and in the other Topic )

Although it is not final and complet released by Athom I am pretty sure this is not going to change an while I know Athom reads along the lines this is a community forum and no official communication with Athom. I suppose you already have complained directly to Athom using the Support system.

What soon will be officially communicated about the Homey + Subscription and the Homey Cloud Backup is their decision about the features the way they make them available and can support.

If you choose to build your own system I am confident you will build everything the way you want. Thanks for your contribution to the Community so far.

Back to the topic about the Homey + Subscription!


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And hopefully this forum one less whinger. With all due respect m8.
Homey is the least expense in ANY decent home automation setup with the rest of peripherals summing up a lot times more than Homey itself.

I see your point and respect it as well as I see Athom’s point in trying to be a long life company and give us free updates for the years to come, and that can’t happen just by selling hardware. We’re lucky with all those great community devs that gives you free beautiful apps.

A paid subscription comes with power for the user. Once on, I can grab Athom by their balls (perhaps 3 of them like Homey) if something goes wrong.

Yes mods, no problem if you delete my post, or move it :grinning:


With all due respect I would just prefer to keep the Homey running, not have to rewrite my flows and see a local backup solution (as I believe not only I have been waiting long for).
If that is whining to you then I cannot help you.

There you go matey, this is what this threat is about, a nice an honest opinion about Athom’s decision of going with a subscription for a cloud backup and not about comparing apples with pears and God knows what other exotic fruits, then throwing your toys and leaving.
Now you’re coming home.

I am happy now, thank you. :wink:


Would be a nice gesture if the early adaptors - those who helped initiated Homey in the first place by buying an unseen product - would have a free subscription. :slight_smile:

Hey! I’m Dutch!

Imperihome did the same; the buyers got lifetime free subscriition when a monthly fee was introduced

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I’m Dutch too :nerd_face:
I’m willing to pay € 5,00 / month if they add speech recognition back to the 2019 version and repair IR.


When will Homey+ be released? Can not find it.

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nobody knows, but i can’t be long as its already on the homey site

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And since it is operational according to the status site, https://status.athom.com/.

That’s the status of Homey Cloud Backups, that works while tested in the alpha channel.
But I also expect it soon to become available public.

I am not one of those however, I second this opinion, together with community developers with published apps should have a free subscription.


I think that a subscription only for back up is an exaggeration. if they finish speech what they say at the startup , then I don’t have to use google and worry about my privacy.
maybe then you want to buy it. it is a device of 300 € and not of a few euros that has an subscriber form.

Must have been a big rock u was under the last few months! :joy:

I know. Since 2.0 it is auto disabled

Have you seen the mic is removed in the latest models? Already a year …

Edit: btw the subscription is intended to have more features than backup only.