Homey Pro Backups (formerly Homey+) subscription

bought it too. waiting now for android-app-update. it seems that my pro (he is in his original packinging since nearly a year in the closset) will see the daylight in the upcoming days. it is like christmas, eastern and birthday on the same day. :slight_smile:.


Did you updated to 4.0? Any problems?

No. All works since the Update fine.

I see it’s only the backup mentioned and the possebility to o back to non experimental so there should be no problems. I Wil goooooo for it :grin::grin:

Fuck! Ring of death pffff

Updated overhere also without any problems

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TestFlight app isn’t available yet…

Now waiting for the iOS update

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Will there als be a local backup? or only cloud based? in the menu i cannot find restore? or this option only available with a new install?

No Local backup! Yep Only Cloud backup. Only Full backup restore from Homey Setup. See Homey Backup and Restore - Homey Migration

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I can totally feel w the people that are complaining about their in general. If Athom would spent their very few manpower in developing useful features instead of Energy tabs eg then it would make more sense to introduce Homey+.

I mean I don’t get money per month from Athom because of the lack of a stable Zigbee, do I?

No of course not! You bought a product with some limitations and bugs and without paying you are getting free firmware release with many fixes and new functions for free!

It is just the way you want to look at it:

Only now and then they also want a nice dinner and maybe a :beer: or some :beers: with friends.

So this time a subscription (For Cloud Backup) and I am just curious what other nice new features are added to the subscription.

I know a lot of people that would have complained if Homey Energy was only available for Homey + Subscribers.


I am more than willing to pay that € 10,- per year, I really do think it is rather somewhat too low.

Find it a bit strange that people complain about this. When you buy an iPhone for a least €1000,-, the free cloudstorage is always to small for a normal backup and they are more then willing to pay that €0,99 per month.


I make free local backups of my iPhone. FWIW, for €0,99 a month you get 50GB storage.

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Yeah l’ll know that you will get 50GB but with buying an iphone for that price they could easely give that for free but they won’t.

But you don’t need iCloud storage if you want to make backups.


What a bs stab at Apple, my (and a lot of people with me) biggest issue is that Stefan said they didn’t needed a fee to have a healthy business model and a few years later they start asking a subscribtion fee.
It’s not about that €1,-
It’a not comparable with Apple or Google or whatever company asking less for more storage… it’s about a company that makes and sells a product and doing the opposite of what they say… And doing it without talking to the community (that they rely on … atleast for app development) first. They could have commented on the forum or post some blogs but they kept on silent and just do their arrogant way, we all understand they need money to survive and i couldn’t care less about €1,- a month but the fact is they lied and when all bs features and language updates do not have the effect they want, needed they started this without notice… and sell it as a grand 4.x update like it’s something special… basic backup functionality… And the zigbee rewrite still hasn’t seen the daylight…


I’ll agree on that about the way they don’t communicate. They need to focus on the bigger problems like to Zigbee rewrite or Appsupport.