Homey many times offline and devices which sometimes not respond

I am really curious if I am the only one wit the following short comings from the Homey and thereby far from happy :frowning:

1.) since version 2 my Homey is many times offline, now days it is a short moment but really annoying during editing a flow. (when 2.0 was introduced it was almost always offline, so there is some progress but still far from stable)

2.) devices not always follow commands, like a flow I have which will switch the garden lights on at sun set.

3.) ==not an issue anymore, I missed the the link, https://flow.homey.app/ is what I was looking for== I really would like an interface we had when it was version 1 (even that one was not perfect), I do not have a clear overview from the flows in the small screen.

4.) many devices are often unreachable, most of the time the Xiomi Aqara but also Osram, Ikea, Coolcam, only the sonoff switches which working through mqtt are always working as far I have seen.

Now is the question if I am the only one which is not really satisfied about Homey which is that expensive and do not deliver what I expected.

The idea behind Homey I really like but it is not working as it should be. I thinking of moving to Home Assistant, not an in a box solution but that one is proven to be stable and also flexible only more complex to setup.

And you found that out after a year?

Tried the online flow editor?

That’s a nice way to start asking for help on the Homey forums!

Just go for it. HA is just the bomb as you say.
But why do some HA migrate to Homey?

Speaking out, is a free thing to do but…….

Not saying it cant be a homey problem, but i can think of a lot other reassons why it doesnt work. You not sharing any info.

Same answer on the first point. dont get mad, what about it could be a user problem??? again without any info it could be just you wich is the problem.

You asking this after such a long time!!, did you tried the flow editor online?? To be onest i love making my flows on my Phone. Thank You Athom

Again…….just noted, not any info regarding what you did to get it right… maybe its stil the user

Iam 100% sure it isnt just you, there are sold that many homeys already ,that there ofcourse be user wich are dissapointed maybe even mad. Cant have a 100% score of happy users, just because everyone is different. Can say iam more then happy with that white ball 99 % of the time

If you think thats the direction you have to go…….i really wish you the best, 1 thing i can tell you……if you find a wireless domotica controller thats working 100% 24/7 for years, easy to program ect ect. TELL US

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I can understand why there are also people moving from HA to Homey. HA is far from easy setup, without any experience it is hard to start and maintain HA compared to Homey. Also Homey has all the standards in one box which is really nice.

But my feeling is not only for me, most of my colleagues have the same experience like me. I want really that Homey understand the complains and do something with it for the future users.

I had already several times contact with the Homey team to “solve” my issues. My complains are also mentioned to give some feedback from someone who is probably leaving Homey and is open to give some feedback why I did this choice to do this step. I do this to hopefully Athom understand why people are leaving instead of leaving without giving any feedback.

Don’t misunderstood me wrong, I do not want to say it is an awful product, in theory I really like the concept from Homey. Unfortunately it is for me not currently delivering what I expect.

I do not expect a “Feature request for Homey” would be stability, This should be one of the basics where you build afterward the new features requests on…

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So you don’t need help with your issues but just wanted to state why you are leaving?

Stil it sounds to me you making a whole story, wich you could say in a few words


Even on reactions on your first post…the answers from you are……………………………………………………………………………………

I have probably did not read the message from the web flow edditor, that looks how it was… That point is was already solved a while ago :wink:


So as your saying it is solved, but still your complaning about it? see point 3 of your opening post.

Iam really lost you :astonished:

Check out Homeseer.

@RoyWissenburg I don’t think you lost me, it is more likely that I have done the reply and modify in the wrong order for you… :frowning:

Now you’ve lost me too.

Ehm believe me… iam lost you. And maybe the problem is that homey lost the user 2.

Stil wich you the best and good luck with any other controller thats “lost” proof